Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Pressing Appointment

[Photo: Mammogram Machine]

I'm thinking many of my female readers will understand better the subliminal message embedded in the title today. Yup' the mammogram is over and the ultrasound complete. Not a pleasant ordeal. Of course it's a little too early to get the results but the lovely technician told me that although she did see two areas showing up on both the mammogram and the ultrasound, she said they appeared as nothing 'scary' and were likely cysts. So for that I am relieved although I still await the report from the radiologist who has to read and confirm it yet.
I'm not sure if this next little tid-bit is good news or not. My hair is starting to grow in. But the part that I am wrestling with is the hue of the locks. My eyesight isn't quite what it used to be but I am seeing either gray stubble or some lovely platinum blond making an appearance. I choose door number two but I am thinking that the truth of the matter is that door number one is the order of the day.
I'm a little ticked about this because the deal was that I would lose my hair and once it started coming back again, it would grow in unlike it was before the chemotherapy. All sorts of wise people said I might get tight little curls and a totally different colour once my locks returned. Well, I already had hints of gray before, and so far the stubble is shooting skyward, making me look like I had an awful fright. Perhaps it remains to be seen. Perhaps this 'light' colour is just a tease. Maybe it, too, will fall out once the lovely auburn locks take root and take over. Sigh. More waiting.

[Photo: Envision my face (without the ketchup) with this hair...Thanks Trenton!]

Yes, it seems a big lesson God has taught me through all this is patience. Waiting for results; waiting for appointments; waiting for chemotherapy and now waiting for my hair to grow in.

I had been messing around with non-ammonia hair colour stuff pre-chemo, every time I spotted a cluster of gray hairs making their debut. But I'm thinking now - why bother? I've been bald for so long, I am starting to get used to it and am not in the least bit afraid to take off my hat in public. So what's a little salt and pepper? At least it's hair. So, yes, my hair will keep growing and I will deal with it and have a nice day anyway.
Oh, yes, that was another well-learned lesson. Vanity, vanity, it's all vanity!

(But I'm still hoping for a few darling curls like Trenton!)

Thanks to all my sweet praying friends for caring and special thanks to Casey who knows what she is talking about!


amandanewton said...

I think the ketchup would be a nice touch!!!!

And you'll look fine with grey hair....remember what we always used to'll have that distinguished look!!! At least you'll have hair....we'll be thankful for the small victories in life!!! xo love you no matter what colour your hair is, Mom! xo Amanda

Anonymous said...

you're hair is blonde........don't let that no account daughter tell you ya're much younger sister Sue xoxoxo

Ryan and Lori said...

You are SO positive! What an awesome witness to the world! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I read this tidbit of normally useless info but for us, chemo patients, it may be helpful. Your hair will be grey at first and the colour does not appear until a month or so later. I think that it true because if I look closely at my growth I have "zebra strips" on the stubble - the root is a much darker colour. Just one more thing to laugh about and enjoy.


Kia Taylor said...

Yes I too know about the dreaded mammogram, I know your results will be fine. I also know about the weird hair growth, I too was promised all sorts of wonderful goodness when my hair came back..the goodness is that it's coming back...still looking for that wonderful goodness:) A true lesson in vanity for us all!!