Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life According to Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie are best friends. These goofy ageless characters have survived well over the years and ne're a wrinkle decorates their fuzzy faces. Even though these slappy-mouthed characters have been around for over 35 years, they remain the same physically and emotionally (puppitarily speaking that is!) as when they were first created. Why is that?
Amanda and Trevor used to hold a particular fascination for the puppet pair when they were little munchkins and now Trenton, my grandson, recognizes and enjoys the funny characters.

I was pretty tickled when we saw Bert and Ernie in Renfro Valley, Kentucky so I had to take a picture. Anything to impress Trenton. :)

I look at this photo now and I think back to the dynamics of the B & E duo. Ernie was a happy fellow who had hare-brained ideas and a simplistic attitude, while Bert was his intelligent yet grumpy side-kick.

Bert was happy talking to pigeons while Ernie found joy singing Rubber Duckie You're the One for Me!

They didn't lead a complicated life. Nor did they make mountains out of mole hills and when conflict ensued, they worked it through. Next episode they were still the same predictable characters and all was well with the world. I'm thinking that I can glean a lesson or two from Bert and Ernie.

Here are ten things I can learn from Bert and Ernie:

1) Be thankful that God has not created me as a puppet.

2) Free will is a great gift when used wisely and within biblical boundaries.

3) Even if I have hare-brained ideas, I need to think positively and persist

4) Take time to stop and smell the roses (or talk to the pigeons)

5) If something goes wrong, take a bath with a few rubber duckies

6) Sing in the tub

7) If I am sad, I should talk about it

8) If I am feeling grouchy, I should seek out my best friend

9) Wear vertical stripes - they are slimming

10) Every relationship needs a measure of predictability coupled with a bit of a double dare attitude.

Have a wonderful day, evening, night and morning! xxx

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