Friday, October 3, 2008

Sight and Sound

(Photo: Bill, Gilles and John hiding with their last
Timmies for a while)

Our trip to the Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last weekend was the best. It was quite a trip. We shared lots of laughs a few secrets, quite a few meals and wonderful conversation. But we didn't share motel rooms (none of us would have slept much!)

The trip down was a little tricky for me, at one point. I experienced some nausea and was sick a little bit. And like the drug-induced dim-wit that I am, I packed every medication going except my anti-emetic. Luckily my trusty friend, Yvonne, had some Gravol and Tums tucked in her purse so she graciously tossed me a few now and then. We had been driving for a long stretch so maybe that was the issue. It took us about 10 hours to get there (I won't make reference to the little wandering in a circle moment we had- their secret is safe with me!) But after the final sickly episode on the way down, I was all right. The rest of the trip was uneventful a far as me making a scene, and they didn't boot me out after all. Mar\ybe they took a vote. I am hoping Gilles was the tie-breaker! :)

Although we had our fair share of rain, it was still a lovely time. Before we went to the play, we did some nice typical tourist touring. We even did the Amish tour. It sort of sounds silly since we live in Mennonite and Amish country here, but maybe it was because being there gave us license to stare and take pictures and look up close at some things?
We saw beautiful farms and saw everything from dairy to tobacco to fields of corn, mules and work horses. It was lovely and everything was so well kept. The Amish children stared and waved. We even had a tour in an old mill. Fascinating. In the city they were selling everything Amish. Perhaps a bit of exploitation noted in some places?

In the Amish bakery where we enjoyed some freshly baked sticky buns and tea, I met a little boy and his Mom. It was a bit of an awkward meeting for the mom at first. The sweet little lad had beautiful blue eyes and they grew wide as saucers as he looked at me. Then I heard him say to his sister, "Look at the lady with no hair. She's bald!" Then he told his mother and she desperately tried to hush him up. I just laughed. I think Mom could have died a thousand deaths when she realized I had heard the conversation. So I went over to the curious little lad and asked him if I made him afraid. He went quiet and his mom took over. Her first words effused with apology. I told her I didn't mind one bit him saying what he said. Then she went on to explain how her older son had leaukemia and had lost all his hair a year ago. She thought the younger brother would not have been as shocked seeing someone else bald. I told her how different it would be seeing a woman bald compared to his older brother. We had a good laugh

(Photo: Beauty and the [bald] Beast)
and the little lad started to warm up to me and ask questions. I could have hugged him. He was so cute. I love it when children ask me questions about what is wrong with me. Sometimes I think it is good that I am bald, because then it allows people - especially children an opportunity to learn.

(Photo: The Magnificent Sight and Sound Theatre; people were exiting buses galore)

Once we got to the theatre, I was overwhelmed initially. The outside was a feast for the eyes. Then when we entered the building, wow! The theatre itself holds over 2000 people. The presentation we saw was called, In the Beginning. It was the story of Creation. The disclaimer at the beginning did say that there was some fiction aspects that were included to enhance the story, but most of the show was biblically accurate. I was very impressed.

Many of the animals on stage were real and obviously expertly trained. The skunk was the scariest live critter! Other live animals included doves, dogs, pigs, ducks, horses, ponies, alpacas, and more. Even the mechanical animals - elephants, giraffes, polar bears, and a magnificent serpent along with the costumed ones - gorrillas, orangutans and a baby elephant - were pretty convincing, too. The message of God's love for His created world was amazing. The magnificent acting and singing filled the theatre. It was hard not to be moved at a spiritual level. The Fall of Adam and Eve was heart-breaking yet meaningful as the story progressed. But the wonderful hope at the end, was a cause for many tears. Tears of joy, and anticipation and appreciation for all God does in our lives. I walked away with a renewed love for God and a confirmation of His desire for all creation to come to know Him and dwell with Him forever.

(Photo: Gilles and I standing in front of the impressive Lion and the Lamb statue in front of the theatre)

After the play, we headed out and had a wonderful meal together and teased the very obliging waiter. I overdosed on raspberry lemonade and I left our grinning Ben a lovely Canadian loonie as part of his tip.

Later we ended up jumping from town to town looking for a motel because we thought we would get a head start on the way home and head back in the general direction of Canada for about an hour or so. It was almost midnight when we eventually found a motel that would take six straggly tourists in.

The following day our return trip was filled even more with conversation and more laughter. This trip with our sweet friends, Bill, Ann, Yvonne and John was a wonderful distraction for me and good trial run for our Florida trip! Did I tell you Gilles has planned a lovely Florida surprise for me for after my last chemo treatment? How sweet is he? Now all I have to remember is to take my anti-emetics along! More on this later.

For now I am just feeling so thankful and in love with life and all that God has created. That includes you who are privvy to this blog. That means that somehow we are connected and God has allowed me the privilege of having you in my life. Bless you and know that I do appreciate you so much. I just wish there was a bigger word than "thanks." love Glynis


Ryan and Lori said...

I heard the show was awesome and that by the end you were all in tears =) We LOVED it as well and are so glad that you had a wonderful getaway! I'm sure it was so well needed.

Ryan and Lori said...

Thanks for the email. Beautiful entry! I'm so glad that you enjoyed your getaway and I fully agree that the love of God, through creation and through his people, is so incredible!!!!

John and Sue VanGroningen said...

John and I were down on Labour Day weekend as well and found it totaly awesome. We have also seen Daniel and the Lions Den. We would really like to see Behold the Lamb in the spring. I must agree they give you a whole new perspective on your relationship with our mighty heavenly Father. God Bless you. Our prayers are with you