Saturday, October 25, 2008

Horsing Around!

(Photo: Yours Truly and my sweetie riding the buckin' bronco that I said I was going to avoid)

While passing through Kentucky on our trip south, we saw the sign for Renfro Valley. It's a place we had heard of but had never seen. The country scenes were wonderful so we decided to take a bit of a detour and check it out.

Unfortunately, because the summer season was over, the actual tourist area was not open but we were still able to explore a little and at least window shop. There was a general store that was open, though, so we had a gander around there for a while.

As we strolled the deserted park and shop area, we had lots of fun and took some pictures. I saw this horse and asked Gilles to get on so I could take his picture. He obliged. Then he told me to climb aboard and he would get a snapshot of me. I did so, but I hadn't noticed the fifty cents that he had pulled out of his pocket. He reached over and stuck it in the slot and I was off to the races. My dearly beloved took great delight watching me rock back and forth on this big old horsey as he flicked to the video switch on the camera! If I can figure out how to download the video, I'll show you what a nit-wit I looked.
I'm thinking how glad I am that God created us with a sense of humour and a laughter mechanism. I love to laugh. I always have trouble figuring out why some people walk around with a long face. There is so much to be grateful for in this fair land. I'm thinking one of the best gifts we can give to one another is a smile. I know I sure do appreciate it when I get one or two or more!


Ryan and Lori said...

Very cute! Yes, laughter is an awesome thing! I had to laugh when you said don't show anyone, and now you are showing the world =) he he

amandanewton said...

Ohmygosh! you're such a dork!! ;) A good dork though!!! And yeah, you just exposed your antics to the everyone!! Thank you for the blackmail!!!!!! ;) ;) ;) LOVE YOU MOM!! [I'm sure Dad was laughing behind the camera the whole time!!!!]

Cindy Update said...

I loved this one. I had to laugh as I could only imagine the surprise of the change clinking and you off to races. Way to go Gilles! I sure did miss the laughter at my last treatment but this post makes up for it.
Praying that the wait time til Nov 13 breezes by with little worry.