Friday, March 23, 2012

She Did it Again

Sometimes the most precious moments involve the most unexpected.

    This little gem of a munchkin, once more interrupted my focus today. Miss J was playing doctor and it was time for Grandma to have her heart checked. No matter that I had a million things to do and no matter that I was in the middle of sending off an important manuscript to an eager editor. Deadlines meant nothing to my sweet little granddaughter. And really, what was another few minutes anyway?

     So this Grandma took a few deep breaths, I pushed all concerns to one side and I waited for the diagnosis. Miss J. held the stethescope to my heart. I grew silent, hoping that perhaps my little budding doctor might hear some faint lub-dub echo and be fascinated.

"What do you hear?" She raised a little 'hush Grandma' finger. I obliged. She listened some more.
"I hear music," she said.
I smiled, loving that response. After some giggles, some hugs and more than a few kisses, I replayed Miss J's words.Music - if my heart beats with music, how blessed am I? God surely has blessed me beyond what I deserve...