Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Friday was a tough day. It was exactly one year ago on the 24th of April that I received the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. I felt a little bit of a nit-wit as I shed a few tears and re-experienced the emotional attack. I couldn't quite figure why I cried. I couldn't understand why my chest felt tight and I just wanted to retreat.

Gilles hugged me and didn't say much. He, too, realized the journey and the weight of the luggage we had both carried over the past year. I find it hard to believe that an entire twelve months have passed and that my chemotherapy is complete.

I cry for my sisters who are still journeying. I cry for those who are yet to be diagnosed. I pray that women can become more aware of the signs and symptoms and that they, too, can be caught at an early stage and be treated succesfully.

This weekend I am helping with a fund-raiser for Ovarian Cancer Canada. Our goal is to help raise awareness about this insidious and appropriately dubbed - silent killer. I am looking forward to the Zeal for Teal day in Drayton, but I have a funny feeling that it is going to be a bit of an emotional experience as I stand before 60 women and share my story. God will be with me and I know whatever transpires will be a testimony to His glory.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Onward and Upward

I am proud of my daughter and thankful as she continues to encourage me. Amanda rallied us last September to participate in the Winner's Walk for Hope in Barrie, Ontario (and we're going to do it again this September!)

Recently Amanda has been working hard to make our 'Zeal for Teal" scrapbooking for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Fundraiser a special day on May 2nd.
Amanda coined the phrase - Zeal for Teal - and I was impressed. Ever since my diagnosis and subsequent battle with ovarian cancer and chemotherapy, she was determined to do something tangible on my behalf and her "zeal" continues to spill over.

Thanks to her creative talent our scrapbooking crop plans are culminating in a meeting this weekend. Amanda, Janice (my sweet supportive daughter-in-law) and Darlene (my faithful friend and equally supportive pretend little sister) and I will be putting on the finishing touches and defining our duties!
We still have about four or five spots left so if anyone out there is still thinking about joining us on this special day, then come on down...let us know and we will sign you up.
The day promises to be a wonderful time filled with freebies, door prizes galore, games, make-and-takes, grab-bags, free mini-pedicures, on-site stores, fine food and more. And the best part is we get to do it all in our pajamas!

I get to welcome everyone and share a reader's digest version about what it has been like to live with cancer and to also share what God has taught me on my journey. Ovarian Cancer Canada is very supportive of this project and have helped us with promotions. They have sent us some literature to share with women so I am manning the little information area.

My hope and prayer is that we have a rocking good time on May 2nd but at the same time we do our part to help raise awareness about ovarian cancer, which is often dubbed the silent killer. Bring it on!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Sometimes I wish I could draw or paint. Then I imagine what it would be like to have the ability to calculate and rhyme off a multitude of mathematical formulae without digging out a text. Maybe having athletic prowess would be something to treasure. Or what if I could pick up an instument and make beautiful music? If I could sing like an angel, then I think I would love that.

I read a newspaper article the other day about a gal in England who is 47 and who has just recently brought her gifts to the forefront via a rather different venue - Britain's Got Talent. She, in fact, sings like an angel.

The show is an American/Canadian Idol spin-off and they have all sorts of different folk strutting their stuff and trying to prove why they should win the coveted award and be named the most talented in the country.

Anyway, this singer - Susan Boyle seems to have a lovely story and an amazing voice. I checked her out on YouTube. She was apparently born and raised in a wee village in Scotland (near where I used to live) and spent many years caring for her aging and sick parents. She sang in the church choir and appears as humble in spirit with her new-found fame. I heard her in an interview on CNN and as she signed off after the interviewer had gushed and remarked on her amazing singing abilities, she said something that I thought was really sweet. She told the interviewer to remember that she was special, too.

I thought about that statement. We are all given gifts and abilities that emerge sooner or later. We are all special in God's eyes and the gifts He has given us will glorify Him as long as we recognize and use them. I perhaps see that as my challenge, or at least, a reminder.
Maybe not everyone is cut out to be a famous singer or an artist extraordinaire. But there are many different kinds of gifts. Those of hospitality; those who care for the sick, the needy, the poor. Some teach; others preach; some have a heart for spreading the love of God through drama, dance, writing. There are prophets and poets and politicians and shepherds and mechanics, musicians and craftspeople and lovers of animals...
Do you ever wonder where you fit in? I know I do. But the more I think about it the more I realize that we are each an important part of the puzzle called life. Our job is not to make the puzzle pieces fit together. That's God's job. Our part is to make sure we are using our gifts and abilities in a manner fitting to His plan.
"For you created my inmost being; you knit me togetherin my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful..." Psalm 139:13-14

Thursday, April 9, 2009


These past two weeks have flown by and I have the energy reserve of a flea. Right now I am happy to report that my Paternal influence has relocated and is living close to our home in little ol' Drayton. It has been a busy week for our family as we packed poppa' bear up and had him move this way. I have tales to tell but my energy is zapped right now. I just wanted to let my faithful followers know that I still love you and am suffering from writing withdrawals or blog deprivation. However this weekend promises to be a busy one again. I will write soon. Meanwhile keep checking back for the latest update. Night all. I'm off to find a corner to curl up in. Hugs...