Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Friday was a tough day. It was exactly one year ago on the 24th of April that I received the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. I felt a little bit of a nit-wit as I shed a few tears and re-experienced the emotional attack. I couldn't quite figure why I cried. I couldn't understand why my chest felt tight and I just wanted to retreat.

Gilles hugged me and didn't say much. He, too, realized the journey and the weight of the luggage we had both carried over the past year. I find it hard to believe that an entire twelve months have passed and that my chemotherapy is complete.

I cry for my sisters who are still journeying. I cry for those who are yet to be diagnosed. I pray that women can become more aware of the signs and symptoms and that they, too, can be caught at an early stage and be treated succesfully.

This weekend I am helping with a fund-raiser for Ovarian Cancer Canada. Our goal is to help raise awareness about this insidious and appropriately dubbed - silent killer. I am looking forward to the Zeal for Teal day in Drayton, but I have a funny feeling that it is going to be a bit of an emotional experience as I stand before 60 women and share my story. God will be with me and I know whatever transpires will be a testimony to His glory.


Kimberley Payne said...

Is it a year already? My goodness it's gone by so fast, yet so slow at the same time.
Glynis, you continue to be a light for God's love.

l'optimiste said...

I was like that too - it's now about a year and 3 months since I was diagnosed and it made me all emotional at the 'year' mark.

Some of it was sheer joy at still being alive. :o) Some of it was fright at how quickly the time has passed, which [during chemo] seemed to be taking forever!

here's wishing us years and years of good health!