Friday, April 24, 2009

Onward and Upward

I am proud of my daughter and thankful as she continues to encourage me. Amanda rallied us last September to participate in the Winner's Walk for Hope in Barrie, Ontario (and we're going to do it again this September!)

Recently Amanda has been working hard to make our 'Zeal for Teal" scrapbooking for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Fundraiser a special day on May 2nd.
Amanda coined the phrase - Zeal for Teal - and I was impressed. Ever since my diagnosis and subsequent battle with ovarian cancer and chemotherapy, she was determined to do something tangible on my behalf and her "zeal" continues to spill over.

Thanks to her creative talent our scrapbooking crop plans are culminating in a meeting this weekend. Amanda, Janice (my sweet supportive daughter-in-law) and Darlene (my faithful friend and equally supportive pretend little sister) and I will be putting on the finishing touches and defining our duties!
We still have about four or five spots left so if anyone out there is still thinking about joining us on this special day, then come on down...let us know and we will sign you up.
The day promises to be a wonderful time filled with freebies, door prizes galore, games, make-and-takes, grab-bags, free mini-pedicures, on-site stores, fine food and more. And the best part is we get to do it all in our pajamas!

I get to welcome everyone and share a reader's digest version about what it has been like to live with cancer and to also share what God has taught me on my journey. Ovarian Cancer Canada is very supportive of this project and have helped us with promotions. They have sent us some literature to share with women so I am manning the little information area.

My hope and prayer is that we have a rocking good time on May 2nd but at the same time we do our part to help raise awareness about ovarian cancer, which is often dubbed the silent killer. Bring it on!


vjc said...

It sounds like a fantastic event! I'm sure everyone will have a great time and wish I was close enough to attend.

I'm sure your story and your radiant smile will continue to inspire many.

Lori said...

Do you know where we can get information about other walks for cancer? Perhaps my mom has already asked....Have fun....and yeah for inspiring daughters. You go Amanda!

Glynis said...

Hey Lori. Thanks for your (continued) encouragement. If you and your Mom and whomever else...want to join our Sunflower Seeds team and walk with us in September we would love that! As for other walks for cancer, there are so many. I think if you google, you would find lots. I only know about the Ovarian Cancer Society ones.