Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prayer Request

It's 1 am. I'm having trouble sleeping again tonight. I'm thinking about Monday. I'm thinking about Monday for two reasons. One, it's Gilles' birthday and I am looking forward to sharing his special day. And two, I have to go to Listowel hospital to have a repeat mammogram and ultrasound. I am likely blowing this out of proportion in my mind, but I am wondering why the radiologist wants me to come back for a check up. So...if you feel inclined...could I ask for your prayers so that my overactive mind doesn't blow this out of proportion? I am already on edge a little waiting for November 13th to roll around. That is the day I visit the oncologist who will declare my chemo treatments a success (or not.) I am trusting Jesus and appreciating family and friends. Thanks for listening to this insomniac prattle. Night night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glynis,
I can help you with this one! Dr. Erenberg is the radiologist at both Listowel and Palmerston (as well as five other spots!). He is well known for asking for rechecks for everything and they are almost always negative, so you really shouldn't worry! The good thing is that, while 99% of the people worry for nothing, in that one person in a hundred worriers he finds a tiny, early cancer which is very treatable. I personally know at least 5 ladies from Listowel who he has saved with his thoroughness so we should be thankful for him!
I am glad to be able to check in on your journey and I hope to see you for your normal recheck checkups soon!!
With my prayers, Casey

Anonymous said...

What a blast Horsing Around was to read! I laughed out loud with this one. Way to go Gilles by sneaking by and inserting the coins. I can only imagine how Glynis you must have laughed as you rocked off to the races. I can't wait to see the video clip if you dare to release that version.

Glad to read that the get away was great for you two.

I will be praying that over the next couple of weeks you will not experience much anxiety about the results of the additional testing and next oncologist report.

Debra Facer said...

Hi Glynis, just stopping in to check on you, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Big Hugs Deb

Ryan and Lori said...


Absolutely I will pray for you! We got the scrapbook from my mom. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! I may just be asking and paying for the next one. I can hardly wait to insert pictures! Thank you so much! When I get the pictures in, I will bring it to Drayton for you to see the finished product. I LOVE how there are quotes from the blog...ahh...I just love the whole thing.
I'm praying for you!