Sunday, October 5, 2008

Holy Nudge (Journal entry Thursday, October 2/08)

I step into the chemo ward
An angel in blue whisks me into a bed;
"Your last treatment."
She smiles and checks my chart.

A sharp prick triggers my brain
I put on a brave front but my soul cries out, "Not again!"
But I soothe my little girl soul
Reminding her that the final moment at the cancer clinic
Is here.

I hand out farewell cards and cookies and fruit and "Hot Apple Cider,"
As if to seal my departure
Nausea creeps in; pain infiltrates and I am fatigued
The enemy reminds me,
November thirteenth is a long way away.

That will give you plenty of time to worry and fuss and cry...

Then I feel a gentle touch; a holy nudge; a peace that defies explanation
Jesus reminds me - there is no reason to worry;
He is on the throne.
Battle weary - I lean my head in His lap
And turn my stress into rest



Cindy Update said...

Thank-you so much for those wonderful words that you placed on Cindy's blog. You truly have been a blessing to Cindy and me. I still remember the first time that Cindy and I met you at the Cancer Clinic. When you said you came from Drayton...I remember telling you that all "great persons pass through Drayton"...and from knowing both you and Gilles I was right. You are such an insperation to both of us. Your faith and your love for Christ gives us strength.

You and Gilles continue to be in our prayers. I am praying that your pain will not be to great this coming week. I pray that God's friendly face will shine upon you. I pray for Gilles as I know he is in pain as well. May he also feel the presence of God as he struggles with the same thing I am. I also pray that the two of you may have a wonderful vacation...

Glynis as I sit here typing the amazing thing is that God is present with you and Gilles and your family, and he is also present with Cindy, the girls and me. We truly worship an amazing God. A God who does makes the sun to shine every morning. Tommorow when I see the sun shining I will think of you, and I will also think of my Cindy and how both of you are truly an inspiration to me and my walk with God.

Blessing, until me meet again

Love Stephen

Kia Taylor said...