Monday, November 3, 2008


Everytime Trenton sees this picture, he says Grandma and Papere are wearing puppies on their heads. I think we look more like we are sporting caramel sundaes with a cherry on top. If the truth be known, we are actually adorned with Chip and Dale heads. This delightfully mature vision of us was snapped when we were on our wonderful trip in Florida.
And just one more reason to smile...yesterday I received the report back from the doctor's office about my mammogram and ultrasound. The news is mean mean the news is good! The two suspicious areas turned out to be naught more than a couple of rotten little cysts. Phew. Sweet relief.
Now the next hurdle is November 13th at the cancer clinic in London. I'm thinking positive that all will be negative! Did I say that correctly?
All's well with the world today. One day at a time sweet Jesus! Now I am off to have a caramel sundae for breakfast. xx Love Puppyhead #1


Cristine Klein-Geltink said...

Hello Glynis,
I've just read Cindy's blog and each time I think of you and always thank God that you were around for her. I know He put you there (unfortunately for the both of you)at the perfect time! Your support for eachother was a comfort for me to know.
Even having never met you I feel I got to know you through Ben, Denise and Cindy. I pray for you and your health always.

Thanks and Blessings to you and all your family,
Cristine (Cindy's Mom)

amandanewton said...

If only Trenton knew what his crazy grandparents were actually doing.....poor kid! I'll fill him one day!!! ;0)
Yay on the positive/negative results of the mammogram! Positive thinking for November 13th!!!

Anonymous said...

hey you don't look too bad as a blonde!!!
Glad to hear about the positive/negative GREAT news.
loving you in Jesus,