Saturday, August 2, 2008

Winners Walk of Hope

It's nice to have a goal. Sometimes I feel like I am floundering in this sea of cancer. Other times I wonder why I am so uptight. That's on my good days! :) I suppose it is because I am out of my comfort zone and things are not going according to my agenda. I have learned quite a lesson over these months - it's all about God; not all about me! He is the one in control.

So with that in mind I am setting a goal and feeling good about it. Amanda (darling daughter) and I, along with my little munchkin grandchildren, are going to be participating in the Winners Walk of Hope on September 7th.08, as long as I am feeling okay. The intent of this 5KM walk is to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer research. Ovarian cancer is an insidious disease and often it is not caught until the later stages. So I am fully supportive of getting onto the wagon and helping in whatever way I can to raise awareness and get the word out about this disease.

Our team is called "The Sunflower Seeds." We called ourselves this because we are wanting to help raise awareness by planting seeds about ovarian cancer. The sunflower is actually the symbol for ovarian cancer so we are getting ourselves tee-shirts with our name on them (and maybe another hat for my collection!)This is actually a mini-walk we are going on. There are bigger cities where the (I think it is) 10KM walks happen but this particular one fits in between my rounds of chemo. I am usually pretty good just before going in. This particular mini-walk is on September 7th and my 5th round will be September 11th. So we are hoping for a good day and stamina!

I am glad that you are reading my blog. I may not know who you are unless you leave a comment, of course, but know this - I appreciate you. I also want to encourage you to put into practise one of my favourite Bible verses - Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God." I am in this forced stillness lately, and it is right. I may not like this cancer but I am counting it all joy for it has opened my eyes in ways that I can hardly explain. Hugs to you. And I will keep you posted.


mary haskett said...

Hi Glynis,
Well done! What a good idea -to blog! Thanks for putting up your picture too. What a blessing and an encouragement you are. Still praying for you every day. Al prays for you too, so I'll show him your picture.
I'm blogging too. on my new website.

Love & hugs
Mary Haskett

amandanewton said...

Hey Mom! We're a third of the way to our goal already!! Hope we can do much MUCH more!!! Can't wait for the 7th! Should be fun!!!