Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today I receieved a telephone call from the oncology nurse at the cancer clinic. My nice Doctor Lanvin had apparently just returned from his holidays and had read the report of the ultrasound - the one done on August 5th on the little bumpy thing on my wrist. Well it turns out that wretched little bumpy thing is sporting some solid material and requires further investigation. Since my gynecology doc doesn't work on limbs...I have to see another "body part" specialist. So the long and the short of it is that I am going to the medical clinic tomorrow to have a chat with dear Dr. Donald MD. I have to go see him first in order to get a referral to a specialist. Sweet nurse, Shirley knows I am going for my next round of chemo on Thursday so she used her charm, wit and influence and squeezed me in tomorrow on short notice. She's a good gal. So we'll see what's in store there.

So the neat part of my day was definitely not that news. But there was a neat part.

After I got off the phone with nurse Kay from the cancer clinic, I got a little emotional when I told Gilles about it. Then for some reason I went to look for Mom's poem. I went to my purse to retrieve it. Just to back up a little, this poem was one that Mom had in her wonderful repetoire of memorized verses. It is a special poem written in her handwriting and up until last week, we did not even know that it existed. Dad called me up all excited because he had found it quite by accident in the office drawer downstairs. (We had thought it was lost forever when Mom died. We had no clue that she had written it down anywhere.)

Dad asked me to take it home and fancy it up and put it in a frame for him. I did take it home to do just that. But I was devastated a few short hours ago because I could not find it. I searched all over the place for a long time and shed a few tears. I even looked in my Bible. Then I stopped (got still) and prayed and asked Jesus to help me find it. I know it sounds bonkers and wonderful and maybe even a tad unbelievable, but God led me back to the Bible. I found it there. Now I am kicking myself for not looking at the page where I I found it. Did I miss a Word? The only thing I remember, is that is was tucked somewhere midst the Psalms. Sigh...God is good. I was thinking that maybe I should tuck myself in the Psalms tonight.

This is yet another confirmation that He hears my prayers. Shalom (Peace) to you all my friends. Isn't that a lovely word? It calms my inner being when I hear or say it. Shalom...

Mom's Poem

(These lines were written on a piece of paper picked up on a battlefield during the Normandy invasion in World War 11. Mom had this poem memorized and she would recite it to anyone who had lost a loved one)

They say you will not come again
But I can always hear
Your voice in silence and in song
And feel you ever near.

They say that you have passed beyond
Unto the land SUPREME
But I can always call you back
Into the land of dream

For death is but a gateway
To the great REALITY
A new beginning and an end
Of Human Destiny

Love is all and life goes on
In spite of grief and pain
But deep within my heart I know
That we shall meet again...

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