Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Job Moment

(Photo - Trenton grinning because he now has a Royal Marine teddy bear to hug, thanks to Big Poppa)

I didn't go to church again today. I took a sleeping pill last night and I was zonked; plus my left knee was aching so I chose to loll around in my pjs instead. I curled up in a chair and dug out my Bible. I started reading the story of Job. Do you know it?

Job is a rich and happy man when he is first introduced. Then Satan tells God that he is only faithful and a Godly man because he has been blessed with a lot of material possessions and a big family. God says that Job is a good and faithful servant and that he will honour and worship Him even if he didn't have anything. Satan argues to the contrary. He said that Job will curse God if all his 'stuff' is taken away. So God ALLOWS Satan to mess with Job.

First Satan caused certain tribes to rise up and take Job's stock and kill his servants - that would be 7000 sheep, 3000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen,500 donkeys and a whole bunch of servants. That didn't work, so Satan caused another uprising and Job's children were all killed.

Job was devastated and he ripped his robes, shaved his head, fell to the ground and worshipped God. Satan came before God again and God reminded him how faithful Job was. Satan still wasn't buying it so he told God that if he attacked Job's health and put sores all over his body and make him ill, then he will curse God. God told Satan to do what he had to do but not to take Job's life. So Satan did. And Job suffered. Even Job's wife told him he should curse God for what had happened. Job refused. He still remained faithful, even though it was tough. People tried to sway Job in his thinking, but Job never gave up. He didn't shake his fist at God. He didn't blame God or waiver in his faith. He remained steadfast and faithful.

I am trying to be a Job. I have always loved this story but never thought about how it would impact me one day. There are times when I am not a very good servant, I know it. But when I think of my cancer as being a Job moment in my life, I somehow am encouraged. The temptation has been presented to me to blame God...and if there really is a God...but I try not to think like that.

I guess maybe I need to fall on my face a little more. My hair has all fallen out so I don't have to shave my head. I haven't any camels or donkeys to lose - (I lost seven goldfish - does that count?) But in all seriousness, I believe that this is happening to me for a reason. God doesn't inflict disease and pain - he allows it. And if it is about my faith, then Satan can go to somewhere hot. He might have my body but my mind and soul are already spoken for!

What brought a smile to my face lately?
1) Gilles finished making my hat rack and it is up sporting my cool head gear.
2) We had a birthday get together for Trevor last night. It is so much fun having my family around, laughing and talking about their lives and plans, hopes and dreams.
3) My baby turned 26 and is taller than I ever imagined he would be.
4) I went golfing with Gilles this afternoon. We had fun, even though I was as weak as a rubber chicken. He won, of course!
5) I beat Gilles at Canasta.
6) Gilles talked to some very generous friends who are sponsoring me on the Walk of Hope. We have raised over $1500 to help increase awareness and help in the fight to conquer ovarian cancer! I am head over heels ecstatic. How blessed are we to have such support!
7) It didn't rain.
8) My high speed connection is not giving me any trouble this weekend.
9) Heidi sent me a bag of writing 'goodies'
10) My Dad found his lost Royal Marines crucifix. :)

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