Sunday, August 3, 2008


Here is a poem that I wrote in my journal on June 28th, 2008. My hair was completely gone by July 6th:

The crown of a woman
Her glory; her honour.
As if awaiting my de-throning
I watch the clock; the calendar; the mirror.
Insidious, silent enemy
Preparing for battle
I bathe. The bubbles disappear.
The drain gurgles
Strands of hair cling tenaciously to the fibreglass cavity.
More than usual? Strands of hair curled into a question mark.
Reaching for the removable shower head
I chase the delinquent locks
They disappear down the drain.
Dare I check tomorrow?


amandanewton said...

Remember "Bald is Beautiful"! We love you mom, no matter how much hair you have or don't have!!!

LC said...

Your daughter's comment, and your attitude bring alive the deepest meaning of 1 Peter 3:3-4!

I've not met you in person, but you are so often on my heart!