Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sewn in Love

(Photo: Trenton and Jocelyn in their new "Dick and Jane pyjamas)

Christmas Day offered quiet moments, delicious food, and a couple of good King's Cribbage games. Dad, my brother - John, Gilles and I celebrated quietly together December 25th. It was the lull before the storm.

Boxing Day saw 26 relatives descending upon our humble abode! A niece and her boyfriend and another young lad, surprised everyone by coming. She lived in Calgary but they recently decided to dig up the tent pegs and return to Ontario. It was a good surprise for my big sis' who was speechless for about five minutes after seeing her daughter in the doorway.

We feasted and laughed. Little munchkins ran hither and yon and the tangle of tinsel and wrapping paper littered the livingroom floor as gifts were exchanged and laughter ensued. It was certainly a good time.

The next day we had our immediate family get together. More presents. More food. More aching legs! But it was worth it. I loved the day. Trenton and Jocelyn were a joy as they giggled and played. Jocelyn seemed much more interested in tissue and wrapping paper than what was actually in the box.

Buying gifts for my grandchildren was far too easy a task for me this year. Self control was the exercise of the day when I went shopping! I think I had the most fun, though, making the Dick and Jane pyjamas for my grinning pair. It was a time for me to contemplate and really think about my pair of beautiful grandbabies as I stitched seams and sewed on piping. Even when I accidentally cut Jocelyn's pants pattern out upside down, I didn't sweat it. Thank goodness I had lots of fabric. I did have quite a time hiding my sewing paraphernalia on those days Amanda popped her head in the door. "Stay out of the back room!" were the orders. I knew she knew I was up to something! But in the end, the results were positive. The pjs fit. And they look so sweet - my own little Dick and Jane! It was fun 'sewing' in the love!

Thank you God for the lingering Peace and Joy and for family. Thank you God for getting me through the chemo and the challenges of this past year. I sure wouldn't want to have missed these past few days.


violet said...

Glynis, those PJs are absolutely adorable! I first saw the Dick and Jane print when my niece made it into bibs and other adorable baby things in her babywear business.

Lori said...

Again, beautiful! Both entries. The p.j.'s are very fun!!! Karen is loving the sewing hobby too...I just admire it from afar =) I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed every minute of it. Times like these go too quickly! Thanks for the phone call on Christmas Day! What a special surprise! Happy New Year!

l'optimiste said...

Hi Glynis

I have nominated your blog for the Lemonade Award.

My blog won it and I'm passing it on to you as a way of saying "you have an excellent take some time and relax with a refreshing glass of lemonade!" Join the Secret Lemonade Drinker Society! ;o)

Happy New Year!

Kia Taylor said...

So glad you Christmas was wonderfu, sending peace and blessings for the new year!!