Thursday, December 11, 2008

Achy Breaky Body

These past two weeks have been a whirlwind. I have been a bit of a sick puppy. My throat has been like gravel and my coughing was enough to shift a reading on the richter scale some nights. Buckley's and Halls have been a staple in my diet of late but I am gradually weaning myself off and am learning to tolerate the aches and pains and the residual effects of the chemo, still. My achy feet have to be the worst. I am thinking I might make a date with my doctor to discuss some of these nasty twinges and stabbing pains that pop up out of nowhere and seemingly unprovoked. Sigh. I sure hope this nonsense ceases soon. I long to be able to jump up and boot, scoot boogy through my day, like I did before all this cancer nonsense.
Right now it is three thirty in the morning and that wretched insomnia has returned. Hopefully I can nod off for a couple of hours for I have a million things to do today! Meanwhile, I thought this a good time to post an update on my blog. Carp diem!

Amanda and Jason have moved to Drayton. That is good news although the move did not transpire as planned. Their new digs were initially something to be desired but we have all been pitching in to help spruce up the place and clean up. They ended up staying with us for 10 days until the work was done on the house and it was declared fit and ready. Needless to say I have been busy with unpacking boxes and helping with Molly Maid duties. Poor Amanda has been sick, too along with Trenton and Jocelyn. And on top of that, Jocelyn has been teething. So some days as we tackled boxes and suitcases, it was somewhat akin to the blind leading the blind.

Now that we are all on the road to recovery, things are starting to take shape. Amanda is such a good Mommy; she knows her priorities. So I am glad that I am able to help even a little with the daunting task of finding a spot for everything.

I hope to get back to my regular posts, so forgive me if I have been a little lax lately. Christmas is peeking around the corner so I need to shift my thought process soon. I love Christmas and so look forward to opportunities for getting together with everyone. I have so much to be thankful for and especially having friends like you who care. :)


LC said...

Glynis, my prayers for you. Also, you make me thankful that God gives to all of us all that He does. As His children, we sometimes question His care, yet we know He loves us and is taking care of us. May He give you a reprieve from this and give you a blessed Christmas, pain-free, with your family.

Amanda N said...

Mom, I wouldn't have been able to do ANYTHING without you! Thank you SO much for helping with the house! You and Dad are AWESOME!!!!!

We love you lots! Thanks from all of us!