Tuesday, January 6, 2009

O Canada. I Love My Grandchildren!

(Photo: My sweet little granddaughter, Jocelyn pretending she is a fishy!)

I am so glad that God decided that this recent bout I had with ovarian cancer was not my calling card for heaven. I periodically gaze upon my growing family and thank the Lord that he did not decree my time was up. Trevor and Janice are in a family way and glow a little brighter each time we are together. I can't wait to hold their little one close. My other grandbabies are growing so quickly and they never cease to amaze me every time I see them.

I started back to teaching yesterday and I swear each one of my precious students have all grown at least three inches in the past seven months. There is no way that I would have wanted to miss all this. The milestones. The memories. The incredible heart-warming moments of joy with all the young (and older) ones in my life - family, students and friends alike!

Today is Trenton's 3rd birthday and he is a constant source of sunshine. Check out the video (below) that I took of him this morning as he sang O Canada! How can you not smile?

I don't particularly care anymore that my hair is returning a little grayer than I had originally ordered. I don't mind that I am not quite as spry as before. I am even coming to terms with the blasted hot flashes and the packed on pounds. What I really care about is the unconditional love that I find young people are so capable of giving. They are able to look beyond the wrinkles and the worries of this old gray mare who (literally) 'ain't' what she used to be and love me for who I am.

When I am around children I somehow glean energy and purpose. What is that God? I'm wishing that I could bottle it and keep a few ounces handy for those less than energetic days. And I am still hoping I have first dibs on that nursery position when I do finally make it to the 'promised land!'

Meanwhile I will keep hugging and cherishing and laughing with little ones. As my sweet mom used to say, "they warm the cockles of my heart!"


Lori said...

SO CUTE!!!! Perhaps a future career at the hockey stadiums???? I agree, children, babies, have a way of giving you energy and smiles that keep you going. How precious, just like the song says...'they are precious in His sight'. I'm trying to take in every minute too and every minute goes by way too quickly! Your jar idea is a great one!

l'optimiste said...

love the video! Glynis, are you on Facebook at all? we have started a private group just for chattering away to one another on there. There are about 14 POSITIVE women, who are all going through OC one way or another, and dealing with it in each their own way.

It's called 'ScAaaarrrggghhh!! Tissue' [one of our witty girls came up with the name, as we all have those scars and all feel like yelling at some point].

It's offers nice bit of support when you have one of those 'moments' :o)

Mary Haskett said...

Hi Glynis,

So cute. I recently signed up to receive your blogs, so look forward to more.

God bless
love Mary