Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tooth Fairy Princess

Janice doesn't really like being called a princess but just between you and me, she really does have a way of helping people live happily ever after!

Janice is my sweet daughter in law who just happens to be pregnant. Yes! Another grandbaby to adore and spoil.

Janice is also a dental assistant - and a very capable one at that. I have watched her multitask on the job to the point where I am dizzy. She can run the suction hose to stop me from drooling all over, take a phone call, concoct a filling, keep me calm, plan dinner and remind me what a wonderful son I have as Dr. Dentist drills for oil.

The other day I had to go to a dental specialist to check out my choppers. Since my chemo, I have had some issues with some of my teeth (I had no idea there was so many 'issues' until the x-ray!) Anyway, Janice asked if she could accompany me to the appointment because she had worked part time there for a while and wanted to have a visit with the staff. I was thrilled. Having company on the drive for my 8am appointment in Kitchener would be most appreciated.

And most appreciated it was. I walked into the office. Obviously Janice was well loved there. I bragged about how I had brought along my own private dental assistant. Janice really was a big help, especially since yours truly forgot to bring along the 'little slip of paper' indicating what was to be attended to in my oral cavity. Janice took over and explained the situation covering up her dopey mother-in-law's forgetfulness.

The dental surgeon was eloquent and knowledgeable. After my little session in the chaise lounge with the attached spit bowl, Janice went with him to his office. There, the fate of my fangs was discussed. I am a little leery about any type of invasive work, because of my recent chemo. But on the way home, Janice interpreted and confirmed the plan of action. I didn't need a piece of paper to take with me. I had my own private DA!

It was a good morning. I know Janice will probably try to suction my tongue the next time I am in her dentist chair, but I really do think of her as a sweet princess - only by marriage of course. I mean, she is married to my son who is actually a prince and I know that is true because Amanda my darling daughter and Janice, herself, bought me a sign a couple of Christmases ago that says that I am a drama queen! It all makes sense to me.


Anja said...

Drama Queen, for you that is afirming and positive,love it!

Lori said...

You are SO great with words. What a great gift!