Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fearful or Faithful?

Tomorrow I am going for a bone scan. I am not looking forward to the radioactive injection and the three hours of waiting but I know it is one of those things that just has to be done. I'm tossing up trying to decide where my feelings reside.

A long time ago Gilles and I went to a marriage encounter and I think one of the big lessons I learned there was that feelings are not wrong - it's what we do with our feelings that can make us or break us. I think this philosophy applies to many areas of our lives.

As I contemplate the what-ifs and the I-hope-so's, I have settled into realizing that I have a strong faith in knowing that what is going to happen is exactly what is supposed to happen. God has blessed me with a multitude of wonderful reasons to smile and shout - "Amen" every morning and my feelings are telling me to choose the thankful path.

If anyone feels led, a prayer for good results tomorrow and a calm 'inner environment' would be most appreciated. I might have cancer, but cancer doesn't have me.


Cindy Update said...

As always in my prayers, but especially tonight and tomorrow, as I know what you are feeling. It is good to let others know how you feel. God created us with them. Let's express them with one another so that we can hold each other up to Him.

Anja said...

Marc prayed already for you before he went to sleep and I will too. (Rien went to visit his dad in Holland).

Kia Taylor said...

Praying that all went well with your scan. You continue to be a voice of inspiration, I'm so thankful to be on this journey with you...