Monday, March 10, 2014

Write What You Know? No!

Journal Entry poem - Thursday July 17th 2008

Obviously I was having a heated debate with God as this poem implies. The last part of this entry, right before I wrote the poem says: My head feels a little 'tight,' but hasn't quite made it to a headache yet! I had oft complained about not having time to write. God was certainly prodding me in an interesting direction with my words. And there I was kicking and screaming all the way.

Have You released me to write?
Why don't I listen to my heart?
To You? To Gilles? To Fran?
Rejoice in the time you have, You say?
I know I prayed for more time to write;
But do You really want me to write about
"Write what you know," they say.
But I don't know anything
About the 'C' word;
Button my lip, You softly smile
You will learn soon.
Write. . .write. . .write
Right. . .right. . .right
Bounce along the papyrus

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