Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Piece of My Heart

I was sorting out some shelves in my bedroom last weekend and came across the journals that I'd penned as I was going through my chemotherapy. After a few deep breaths, I dove in. I was curious trying to recall my emotions at the time. I wrote much and I cannot believe how I poured my heart onto the pages of this little book during that time.

Each night, before I nod off into never-never land I have a little read. I've discovered, as I relived many bittersweet moments of that traumatic time, that much of the emotion that perhaps I couldn't put into declarative strings of words, turned out better as I attempted poetry.

For the next little while, I'm going to post some of the poems I wrote. . .

Sunday, July 13th, I have trouble falling asleep and I relive the chemo treatment three days prior -

In enemy territory I tremble
Too near, I feel the foe approaching.
Poison courses through my veins
And the pain journey commences.
At first it is slow, almost teasing
Then the burning begins
Then desolation.
I sit, motionless willing it to cease.
But the battle rages on.
Insidious in motion
Obvious in effect
Then I hear a trumpet;
Not a brassy pitch; moreso a gentle reminder
Sweet sounds
Jesus is near
Jesus can hear
Jesus is ready for battle
The soul - my soul
Is no longer in jeopardy.
I sleep.

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