Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 3 - Super Powers? Ummm...

The writing prompt for today was to 'write about your superpower and how you use it.'

Once I got up off the floor from laughing at the mere thought of me having super powers, I tried to get a little serious. Super power? I don't think so. But I do serve Someone with super power, and maybe because of Him, I might find the strength to do a few super things now and again.

If I had my own way, I would be slothful and selfish. I would lock myself up and only come out when I felt like it. When I was sick, if it wasn't for the Super Power at work in my life, then I would have probably given up and given in.

Instead, He stuck by me and sent a host of angels to help me through the restorative process. As I look back, there was little time to sit around feeling sorry for myself.

In my journal, I came across a poem I wrote where my Superhero prepared for battle. It happened during one of my chemotherapy treatments:

In enemy territory I tremble
Too near; I feel the foe approach
The poison courses through my veins
And the pain begins.
At first it is slow, almost teasing
Then the burning begins...
Then desolation.
I sit motionless, willing it to cease.
But the battle rages on.
Insidious in motion
Obvious in effect.
Then I hear a trumpet.
Not a brassy pitch; moreso a gentle reminder - sweet sounds -
Jesus is near
Jesus can hear
Jesus is ready for battle
The soul - my soul is no longer in jeopardy
The pain subsides...
I sleep.

My Superhero has done it again!

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