Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life is too Sweet to be Bitter!

I just love this video. The compassion and caring of this medical family speaks volumes. I love the male janitor the best, I think!

Joy and Peace to all my BC and OC sisters. And thanks to Kim and Anja for showing this one to me and making my day! Life is to sweet to be bitter! (A beautiful quote from a beautiful cancer survivor!)


WhiteStone said...

Cute! Had to watch it twice! After finishing up chemo this year I have much affection for the medical world. They're my Best Friends!

the other Mrs. B said...

Thanks for sharing this. i loved the big group scene where the lady in the middle dances just like me! You can't miss her. She's the one going the wrong way! <><

Cindy Update said...

Love it!!! It brought a smile to my face much like the sweet moments that we were able to share last year;)