Monday, November 2, 2009

O Canada - Here Comes Trenton!

There is just something about grandchildren that makes me forget my pain and my problems. When I gaze into the faces of my own children's children I inhale deeply and am reminded about the miracle of life. God is good!

Yesterday Trenton, my three year old grandson, sang O Canada at the beginning of the the Icemen Senior Men's Hockey game in our local arena. He had been practising for a little while but yesterday was his moment to shine. Trenton didn't bat an eyelid. He loves hockey and it wasn't a big deal to him that he should be required to stand on his little carpet and sing the national anthem for his favourite local team. He seemed just as confident singing on the ice in front of all those big uniformed fella's and the spectators as he does singing his little heart out in my kitchen for us.

Having Daddy as head coach of the Icemen is one of the reasons that Trenton loves the game. And when Daddy and Mommy asked him if he wanted to sing O Canada at the Icemen game one day, he jumped at the opportunity. I am thinking that when I was three years old, singing in front of all those big uniformed masked guys with equally big sticks in their hands would have sent me into hiding. Grandma and Mommy were more nervous than Trenton.

Of course, if you watch the video you will see where Grandma takes leave of her senses at the end and viewers get a few delightful shots of the arena ceiling amidst my screeching joyfulness. (Cheering my grandchildren on is part of my job! Oh and I do love my job!)

Incidentally the Icemen won their game. When Trenton sings...good things happen.


violet said...

That is too sweet!! You go Grandma!!! Of course with grandkids like that, your job is a snap.

Cindy Update said...

Love it! Way to go Trenton will the vocals and way to go Grandma caught up in all the excitement of the moment!

Darlene said...

Oh my gosh Glynis!!! I am sitting here with tears strolling down my cheeks! You must be such a PROUD Grandma!!! He did such a FANTASTIC job!! I just wish I had been there to hear/see him!! A moment you will never forget, eh! Amanda & Jason are doing a GREAT job being parents..tell them to keep up the GREAT work! Thanks for sharing!

Anja said...

wow, he did great!