Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Happy Feet!

When I was in the middle of my chemotherapy last year, I spotted a link on one of my dear OC sister's blogs.

I was fascinated and more than a little curious. The link was for Ovations for the Cure.

I clicked on the link and was suddenly introduced to a support group for ovarian cancer fighters.

Apparently this group, since 2006, have been committed to a wonderfully encouraging program called "Happy Feet."

These quiet Ovation angels have touched the lives of many women who are undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. "Happy Feet" is a program that provides patients with a pair of specially-designed Stuart Weitzman stylish jelly shoes jeweled with Swarovski crystals. These shoes are free to survivors as a way of helping them over the hurdles and through the valley of cancer.

I received my much appreciated package in the mail this week and was moved to tears. Here is my thankyou letter:

Dear Susan and Team:

I am in tears as I sit here writing you this inadequate 'thank you.' I just returned from my mail box clutching my precious package. Thank you a thousand times for what you have done for me this day. I have completed my chemotherapy, my follow-up visits are looking positive, and my hair is making a happy comeback - but the deep recesses of my soul still pinch me and remind me that remission doesn't mean I am cured. There are some who do not (cannot) understand this feeling but I do carry cancer around in my pocket and I think I will forever! Somedays it is stuck like gum to the lining. Don't get me wrong, I think positively and most days I relish each breath I take. But there are some days I wonder 'when' my cancer will rear its ugly head again.

This special package from you was like opening a treasure trove of encouragement. The shoes are exquisite. The bracelet, the shoes, the bumper sticker, the pin...I love them! I feel so blessed and touched by what you have handed to me, friends. God has taught me plenty of lessons over the last year, and the big one is how truly caring some people are. I count Ovations as an incredible blessing. I have been asked to be a speaker for the Listen to the Whispers program through Ovarian Cancer Canada so guess what I am going to wear to each of my presentations? Again, a thousand thankyous and please know that you lifted my spirits this day and beyond. You 'doeth good like medicine!' We journey Glynis - a survivor! :)

Now I am tearing up again! How blessed am I?


Anonymous said...

What lovely shoes and what a touching gift. I wish my friend Jackie were still here to wear a pair of those shoes. Oh, not to make you worry, Glynis. You just reminded me of her.


l'optimiste said...

they are the coolest gift aren't they? I love mine :o)