Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time Out

Trenton, my little sweetheart grandson, has been my encouragement and a source of joy for a long time. In this photo taken almost a year ago, he has just warmed my heart by uttering those precious words, "Gramma, your hair is coming home!" I will never forget those precious and honest words, that day, that moment, that emotion that welled up in my heart and soul and warmed me like a good medicine.

I adore all my grandchildren and am so very thrilled to the core that God granted me more days so that I could rejoice and be refreshed by my family.

This morning I chuckled so hard. I was keeping an eye on Trenton. I had told him not to play hockey in the livingroom with the golf ball. His three year old brain held off the hockey for a while like a good lad, but somehow, he forgot and the next thing I knew, I heard a ping and a crash as the makeshift hockey puck golf ball richoted off the table. I immediately stepped in with a stern voice and the solution.

(Photo: Too cute for a time out!)

I pointed. "Sit on that stool," I told three year old Trenton in my best stern Grandma voice. He looked at the little brown stool by the door where he sometimes sits to put his shoes on. He knew he had done wrong and so parked himself in the marked spot.

A moment passed and the sweet little monkey looked at me with his little turned up nose and said - " I in a time out, or what?" I stifled my giggle and answered in the affirmative.

"I'm usually on the stairs for a time out, you know," he continued. I left the room and proceeded to wipe the grin off my face.

There is just something absolutely charming and precious about children. I am still hoping that when I get to heaven God picks me to work in the nursery.
For now, though, I will be happy snuggling and giggling with my grandbabies. Life is good.

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vjc said...

How adorable! You must be a very good grandma. I wouldn't hold out for 2 seconds against a grin that cute.