Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Year

(Photo: Happy First Birthday Jocelyn!

With Birthday cake evidence on your chin!)

Joy. May 26th.,2009. Jocelyn is one year old today. What a blessing it is to celebrate with her on her special day.

Exactly one year ago today there had been so many 'what ifs.' Amanda was great with child and she was already a couple of days overdue. I was still trying to make sense out of my ovarian cancer diagnosis. My surgery was scheduled for Wednesday, May 28th. Was I going to be able to be with Amanda when her second little gift arrived? What if I would be too out of it to hold my grandbaby? What if the cancer had spread dramatically? What if I didn't make it? Could I even dare hope that I would see my dear new little granddaughter's first birthday?

Amanda's midwife was not on call on the weekend so she was praying that Jocelyn would wait and be delivered on Monday, May 26th. I wanted at least one day to treasure our new little grandbaby before I went under the sharp knife, so I, too, was praying for Amanda to go into labour on the Monday.

God was so good. He heard our prayers. And that was precisely what happened. Amanda went into hospital around 1pm on Monday, and ended up having Jocelyn at 3:30pm. And I was able to be there to share the moment. That was a wonderful distraction for me and a precious sight to behold. I will be forever grateful for that gift.

I love it when my plans work out to be just like God's. That doesn't always happen, but I trust Him completely to be the wiser One!

So now, one year later, I rejoice, and am still filled with awe at how God was at work. I have learned to treasure the moments and I continue to try to leave the rest up to Him. Did I mention I also count my blessings daily?

Today, though, I am focussing on one amazing blessing in pink! Happy Birthday Missy Moo. Grandma loves you...x


WhiteStone said...

What a sweet little granddaughter! Being a Gramma is such a blessing!

Lori said...

Congratulations Grandma on your Granddaughter's birthday! HA That's so dutch! =) May your blessings continue!