Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dancing in the Street!

Okay, so maybe I am not physically boogy-woogying so much, but the news I received from the London Cancer Clinic yesterday was reason for my spirit to do the tango!

My CA125 - the marker for Ovarian Cancer has dropped to 8 - well within the normal range (normal is 0-35.) Prior to my chemo it was a whopping 1500 plus, so this is a far cry from where I was and I am rejoicing. I know the doc was reluctant to do the test last week at my checkup, lest it be elevated and I become stressed. But I was prepared to deal with what came my way. Thank you Jesus for this new lease on life.

I know I am not considered cancer free yet, but I sure am happy that I had the blood test and things look hopeful. I journey on now (albeit a little slower than before) and remember my "sisters" who are not quite as joyful about their blood levels. I will always be a voice for ovarian cancer and I pray I can find opportunities to tell others about this so called whispering disease.

So what's next on the trip? I guess my participation on the Sunflower Seeds Team as we walk to help raise both funds and awareness about ovarian cancer.

I still await the results from the ultrasound of the little lump on my rib. But I am not too worried about that. It's not the first benign lump found on my body! Sigh.

Meanwhile I am chin up and hands heavenward rejoicing where I am today. x


Cindy Update said...

I was wondering how you were fairing this week and I am glad to read the results. It is something to sing praises about. Thank you Jesus.


Anja said...

I just learned how to give someone cyberhugs: {{{{Glynis}}}}

WhiteStone said...

That is good news, indeed! Glad to hear! Blessings to ya!

Tracey said...

Brilliant news about your CA125... mine was down to 7 when i saw my Oncologist last month and i hugged him!!
So pleased for you xx

Lori said...

YAHOO! I'm very excited for you and rejoice as well with these new results!

vjc said...

PTL, Glynis! Good news is always worth a boogie/tango/shuffle or two. Just pick your speed and go with it!

The Koobs Klan said...

God is soooooooooo good! We're rejoicing with you and this wonderful news - some little happy dances going on in our home too!

Joanna Mallory said...