Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birds of a Feather

One of my 'good morning' friends. God's beauty is around us always.

Does anyone know what this little critter is? I can't find it in my bird book but it sure said a big 'howdy' to me the other day as it lighted at my feeder.

On Thursday I once again head off to the London Cancer Clinic to face the music. My 6 month check-up looms near. What is it that gives me that heartburn and sinking feeling? Memories? Fear? Futility?
I am wondering what the learned professionals will toss my way this time around. I am thinking that the song I hear may be the same old tune, so I'm going to stay positive and focussed on the things I can do something about.
Hearing the story about how there isn't anything anyone can do, and there is a fifty/fifty chance of my ovarian cancer returning, won't floor me this time. I'm ready. I'm leaving the details up to God. Afterall, He did say He would take care of the sweetly seranading birds, right? So I am thinking that if He can take such good care of those little winged critters, then I think He will take good care of me, too. x


WhiteStone said...

The bird at the feeder may be a grosbeak. Funny...I've only seen one in my entire life and yet the name popped into my head. At least my brain is still working. I'll be thinking of you Thursday. God bless!

Tracey said...

I feel the same when my check up is due... then once i'm in the waiting room i'm fine!! weird isn't it?
I wish you all the very best for thursday xx

Regarding the little bird.. i wasn't sure how big it is or the area either so i'll send you a link to the rspb .. hopefully you'll have better luck finding him xx

Anonymous said...

Mom, I think you were right....I'll google it for you! :D That pic actually turned out really well! Email it to Grandpa...he might know!

As for tomorrow, you'll be fine...we'll be saying our prayers for you....and if it's not the fifty percent we want to hear about, we'll get through that too...you've done an amazing job in the last 12 months...you'll do amazing in the next 12...and we'll all be here to get you through it! I love you Mom and I hope that one day I will be able to show my daughter I have as much strength as you...I have a very good teacher! ;0) Love you lots Mom! Call me when you're done your appointment...I'm home all day! :D {{hugs}}

Cindy Update said...

Praying for you today!
I am enjoying a cup of tea right now, remembering how the last three month appointment went for you and how fortunate I was to be in London to share in the "after" with you. I am hoping that you continue to feel God right beside you during this one too.
Hugs from Goderich,