Sunday, March 15, 2009

Three Cheers!

It seems these days, I find more and more to cheer about.
Today I am cheering because I am upright; I am breathing; I am of sound mind [although some may argue] and I have received good news about that dreaded colonoscopy that I had to endure a week and a half ago.

Thank goodness that the drug administered was what they call an amnesiac. That means the whole entire experience was wiped from my hard drive. For that I am thankful.

But I am even more thankful for the results uttered by the doc - 'there are no signs of cancerous growth!' Thank you God for this. I'm liking the direction you are taking me so far this year.


violet said...

That IS good news!! So glad to hear it.

Sad to hear about your Dad's flood, though. We had a tiny flood here a couple of weeks ago and even that is a lot of work. Nasty nasty stuff - water in the wrong place.

Kia Taylor said...

Great News!! That's one more sigh of relief...Three Cheers Indeed!!

l'optimiste said...

phew - nice news! and I am of the personal opinion that being a bit bonkers is quite good too :o)

I think I'm going to have to have one of those, having discovered my Granny apparently died of colonic cancer...I am glad to read that the experience is wiped from the hard drive...

take care - oh, and you're right! I didn't think of that - no news is GOOD news! thanks :o)