Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A writer friend of mine e-mailed me a few weeks ago. "Can I put you in touch with a friend of mine...she has ovarian cancer, too?"

My stomach knotted as I realized another sister was beginning to tread the same path I had a mere ten months ago. My compassionate friend who thought I might perhaps be a comfort because I had already put a few miles on my own cancer slippers, introduced us by the power of technology.

Being asked to speak to someone going through the same experience as I did, is an honour and I am humbled. If I am able to share something and help someone - especially to a soul embarking upon her journey - then I am there with all the bells and whistles I can muster.

As I am getting to know Rosie, I am being blessed and filled with joy as I hear the strength in her words. She believes mightily in the health care system. She has first hand knowledge of how everything works. She is aware of drugs and side effects and hair loss and how cancer can consume a body. But the most wonderful and amazing part is that Rosie recognizes (and worships) the Source of her strength. There is no fist shaking or foot stamping or cries of 'why me?' She is not happy with her diagnosis. In fact she is devastated. The woman and her sweet hubby have a 7 year old, a set of 5 year old twins and a two year old. How heart wrenching is that? Yet this brave soldier is clicking on her armour and preparing herself for battle.

Jesus will go with her tomorrow as she prepares for her first chemotherapy session. Doctors have offered thoughts on a prognosis for Rosie and some of the medical predictions might be interpreted as not the greatest news. But in my communications with my new friend, I am discovering a beautiful example of a woman surrendering to Christ (note, I did not say - giving up...) She seems to be turning to the Lord - not out of desperation, but rather out of relationship.

I love the way Rosie shared her feelings with me on the word PROGNOSIS: "...but as (a) child of God I KNOW that I have a 100% chance of living exactly as long as He wills. All the days given to me were written in His book before one of them came to be ;-). The Lord gave me a really neat definition of prognosis from His perspective when I was in the hospital. He said that prognosis is just a

Guess, with

Isn't that the best? I'm going to cling to that definition myself the next time I start thinking about my three month check up when I was given the 50/50 scenario.

Trust. Belief. Daring to defy the odds (because it's God who divvies out every breathe we take and each lub-dub beating that spectacular rhythm on our chest wall.) To Him be the glory and the honour.

If anyone thinks about Rosie today, I encourage you to pray for her and her family. Onward Christian Soldiers...


Joanna Mallory said...

Glynis, reading this I want to hug you both. And I'm praying for you both. The light shines through you in the darkness, and the darkness does not consume it.

The other Mrs B.. said...

Please tell Rosie.. Amen Sister! I love her attitude and know that you will be a gift to each other. Isn't He wonderful. He will "introduce" you to some lovely people that you would never have met otherwise.
<>< Sue

Cindy Update said...

May Rosie experience the grace of God in this journey. Our family will pray for her and her family. Our children will hold her children up to our God. They know first hand what their mom will have to experience.

Glynis you are always in our thoughts and prayers. We thank God for allowing us to get to know you and meeting you that day at the cancer centre. You have been such a blessing and I know you will be a blessing to Rosie.


Anonymous said...

I've just found your blog - it's a year now since my chemo for OC finished and I'm for another 3 month check this week. I also wrote a blog as it was so difficult to find any personal experiences of ovarian cancer when I was first diagnosed and in shock. You sound vey positive and strong and I am sure that will help you through. It will certainly help Rosie as well.

Many good wishes