Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eternity Pending

I remember this time last year when I felt that odd lump in my abdomen. It became an obsession and each day I would palpate it and try to decide if it was growing. I had made an appointment with my doctor for a routine check up before I even noticed that strange growth. I certainly wasn't suspecting cancer. I just thought my uterus was doing a flip flop and that I was gaining a bit of pudge. The wait was on. It seemed an eternity.

Once I received the news confirming that it was, indeed, ovarian cancer, then my life took a few about turns.

Actually I am amazed where this year has taken me. When I consider what has happened I am equally amazed at how quickly this year has flown by.

During my cancer treatments I could hardly think of doing much else other than getting through the trial. It seemed an eternity. But with God's help, along with the love and concern of friends and family, I did it. And now as I look back it feels like it all happened in a flash.

It's funny how a year can seem like a mere moment in time. During my year long journey, I wondered if it would ever end. It seemed an eternity. Now as I look back it was fleeting.

I have learned to enjoy the moments and the fragility of the day. Instead of me now being consumed and concerned with chemotherapy, my attention is now on my Dad and getting him moved and settled as he relocates to this end of the world! With all the planning and packing and decision making and renovating and moving and deciding on what and when to buy and seems like it will go on forever. An eternity, perhaps? But I know with the help of God, friends and family, this too, will pass quickly. Before long I am sure I will be looking back and wondering where the time went.

So I've decided to climb into the front seat and enjoy the ride; rid myself of a complaining attitude, trust God for direction and peace of mind, and to consider eternity as something to be defined and appreciated a little later on in my journey. Grin!


Anonymous said...

I found something like this a year after my cancer was diagnosed. My mind wasn't so consumed with cancer but was being taken up with other things and I was moving on. It was definitely time to appreciate life and look forward instead of worrying about what might or might not happen. So good luck for this next stage!

Anonymous said...

I too have come up to "the year" this month - a funny anniversary to remember. But an important year to never forget. You never think that you will get to this point while in the process of treatments but now here it is. We have been taught much and learned more, hoping the lessons will never to be forgotten. God has been more than good!
Cindy Tamming

Lori said...

Oh, how I need to take those thoughts and apply them to my life. It seemed like eternity waiting for an adoption referral and waiting for kids to enter our we need to take in each moment as our youngest's are already 8 months! Where did that time go?? By the way, super great profile picture! Love it!

Kia Taylor said...

It is truly amazing how fast time flys!!God is so good and he knows exactly how much we can handle. Good luck with getting your dad situated and ready for his new journey in life...