Thursday, September 18, 2008

I saw Jesus Today.

(Photo: Garion [Gary] Fowler)

This morning I had a call from a mom who's 19 year old son was killed in a car accident last week. She buried her baby on Saturday. Yet she called ME this morning to see how I was doing. I cried when I heard her voice. "How are you doing, Glynis?" she wanted to know. I could sense the sincerity in her tone.

I should have been the one to call her and offer her the comfort that she was caressing me with on this quiet September morning. She soothed me and helped my tears subside.

What a testimony to the power and the mercy found in the Lord. "I have no strength," this brave mother uttered when I asked her how she was doing. "I am totally dependent on the power of God." She admitted to having none.

I have been going through some valleys since my chemotherapy treatment last week and it has seemed a tougher and more cobbled pathway this time around. But my valley has been nothing compared to what this valiant mother has faced along with her family. Yet she was concerned about me.

She talked about Garion - Gary, her sweet son. I could sense the smile on her face as she remembered her boy. She told me about the pain that was present, but she was trying to focus on the good things. She knew her son loved the Lord. He was the big military lad who wrote a scripture verse in his high school year book and didn't give two hoots about what anyone might say about it. She knew his sense of humour and his love of family. How she would miss that. We talked for a while about families and some other things and then we finally said our goodbyes.

When I hung up the telephone I sat for a moment contemplating what had just occurred. Then I realized what had happened. I had just been treated to a special gift. Kathy called and I had caught a glimpse of Jesus.

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Kia said...

Through God all things are possible...I know that without his strength and compassion I would be lost right now...hope you're feeling better.