Sunday, September 21, 2008

Balcony Purgatory

Today, in church I sat in the balcony with Gilles. I am supposed to stay away from crowds during chemotherapy due to a compromised immune system. Apparently the voices of wisdom say that between 10 and 14 days are my most susceptible moments. It's day 11, so we are smack dab in the middle of that. Hence my placement in balcony purgatory.

Looking down on the congregation from my comfortable perch, I had some funny thoughts run through my head this morning. First I wondered what it would be like if I fell over the railing (it's the drugs). My second thought centered around where I would fall and would they stop the service or would the organ play on for effect? If my head covering fell off, how many little children would I scare? Then I realized it was Sing Sunday and the junior munchkins were elsewhere singing their hearts out. So I wondered how many big people I might scare. Odd thoughts for a 52 year old, huh?

Lest you think maybe I should be loosening my head covering a tad, staying well back from the railing and listening more to what is happening in the pulpit rather than paying heed to the drugged voices, this all took place before the service began. (Really) Clearing my mind of cluttered thoughts is always a challenge to me when I go to church. This morning was no exception.

Luckily, though, I felt a bit of a shift in my thought patterns. I'm giving the credit to God, because I know if left to my own devices I would be trying to figure out how many sausages were left in the fridge and if there would be enough for lunch. Instead, I found myself looking at specific people. I wondered about them and prayed for them.
Sid is looking a little thin these days. Was he feeling okay? The Fowlers, who had just buried their son and brother last week, were bravely sitting in the pew leafing through their Bibles. Were they seeking a scripture for comfort? I looked at the DeMols and thought how healthy they looked. I prayed their lives would be long and happy. I looked at the Mol boys and thought how big and handsome they were. I prayed they would make their Momma and Poppa proud and that they would make good choices. I looked at Richard and wondered how he was feeling and then I felt awful because I had forgotten to pray for him lately. God nudged me and told me to pay better attention to the needs of others. Richard is back on my prayer list. Randy wasn't standing. I prayed she was not in pain. There were so many souls that I looked at and thought of this morning. I saw my gardening angels. I looked at all the different sweet friends who had brought us meals and treats and senna tea (wink) and flowers over the past months and then I thought about my hall wall plastered with get well and encouragement cards. I prayed again and gave thanks.

Yes, the corner in the balcony is a little distant geographically speaking, but I think for now it's a good place for God to prod me and keep my mind off sausages and more on rejoicing for all the right reasons.

The directive in the Bible - Ephesians 6:18 (paraphrased) "Pray at all times and on all occasions..." became very meaningful this morning. Pastor Kramer in his sermon defined prayer as a supreme expression of fellowship. I know I have lots of people praying for me. I have a lot of friends out there supremely expressing themselves on my behalf, so I see today as a reminder for me to reciprocate.

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Anja said...

Hi Glynis
The other day when Rien and I were praying together it seemed like "the list" was going on forever. But we did not pray for everyone. I believe all of us do prayer together. The Lord will put on our heart the people we need to pray for. He might give you and me different people. But if we listen and do it we wil all be blessed. Isn't it neat how praying for others lifts our spirit, you lifted mine!
love and cyber hugs.