Sunday, September 7, 2008

We Did It!

(Photo: This is me receiving accolades and an award for getting the most money for sponsorship. My sponsorship amounted to $2085.00! They tell me my mugshot will be
in the Barrie Advanced Times. Yikes!
How can I thank everyone who supported me?

(Photo: We are all winners!)


It will be a weekend to remember. I am absolutely zonked tonight but I am grinning from ear to ear because along with my hardy and encouraging cast and crew, we made the entire 5 Km Winners Walk of Hope (in the rain!) I only had to stop once. My leg ached a tad so I donned my trusty elastic stocking and continued on my way.

"The girls" - Amanda, Janice, Jocelyn, Pierrette, and I along with our brave boy - Trenton, packed up our kit and caboodle and headed for Barrie this weekend. We had been preparing and waiting for this big moment for a few months.
Registration for the walk was at 8am and then we were to take part in the warm up exercises at 8:30. The walk would follow at 9am. Luckily for us, things were about 1/2 an hour behind schedule. Due to the fact that we had little munchkins to prepare for the 'trip,' (nursing baby and potty training toddler!) we, too, were about 1/2 hour behind as we skedaddled out of the motel. So it worked out nicely. The only issue was the not so pleasant weather.

I was a little disappointed about the rain that was constantly with us on our trek but later I realized it had rained for a reason. :)

I listened to the different speeches from sponsors and organizers and the mayor and a member of parliament along with some others. One person indicated in her speech how much she appreciated the dedication and tenacity of all those involved and how the grit and determination of participants to continue to walk in the rain only enhanced the importance of the purpose of the walk. As I listened I thought how the rain was a good representation of all the tears that had been shed for those who have died from ovarian cancer.

One gal who came forward to the microphone moved me to tears as she spoke about her Mom. They had just buried her yesterday, September 6th. She had died from ovarian cancer and by participating in the walk, this grieving daughter felt this was her way of helping to celebrate her mother's life and a way to give back and help raise awareness about this insidious disease.


Front Row - Pierrette (Amanda's mom-in-law) and Trenton (just waking from a nap);
Back Row - Yours Truly, hogging the umbrella; Janice (pretty and soggy daughter-in-law) and Amanda (pretty and soggy daughter carrying pretty and not so soggy, granddaughter


So we didn't get the prize for raising the most funds like we thought we had! Our team, the Sunflower Seeds, had had this friendly online rivalry with the Teal Titans, another team, over the past weeks and by Friday we had raised a whopping $6005.00. We were convinced that we were in first place, but I guess those sneaky gals had gone and got themselves $25 or $30 more than us! It was fun. And the friendly online bantering about our sponsorship proved a great way to make friends.

This walk has been a great distraction for me. I have so many people to thank and the frustrating part some days is where to begin. Bless you all for supporting me in so many ways from monetary to emotionally to spiritually. God has put each one of you in my path for a reason and I am thankful. Now I am going to bed to rest these weary bones. Sweet dreams to you.



amandanewton said...

Yeah mom! You did it! You were amazing today! I didn't think you were going to do it as fast as you did!!!
I'm so proud of you that you were the top fundraiser! You did SUCH a great job!

Yeah we were soggy and cold but we did it! I just hope you had a great time....this day was about YOU and yes, I was walking for you.

You are a wonderful role model. I just hope I can be as strong a role model to my daugthter as you have been for me.

And YEAH for all that money we raised for this wonderful cause! I am already thinking about next year!! We'll get our thinking caps on once you've had a chance to relax and take all this in.

Now go get some rest! Put your feet up, sleep in tomorrow morning, have a nice relaxing bath...and give dad a big hug!!! [Sounds like they got a little soggy too!!!]

Love you mom! xoxoxo Your daughter - your bigges fan!!

Anonymous said...

Hey way to go!!!!!
Congratulation on finishing the race. Sounds like it was a good experience despite the rain. You better get some good rest since this week is another treatment week.
I was gald to read through your blog today and was moved to tears as you have written your experiences that are dear to your heart and how wonderfully God blesses you throughout this. I was particularly moved when I read about the "Job" entry -- I remembered myself being there at one point too. We do never know what is going to happen in our lives. Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised at the blessings showered down and at others heavily ladened by our circumstances, BUT our Lord is always there and God is good!


Joanna Mallory said...

Glynis, congratulations to you and the rest of the walkers. Thanks for setting examples, raising awareness, and raising funds.

Rest well, friend!

Kimberley Payne said...

Hey Glynis,

Congratulations! You continue to be a wonderful inspiration. May God bless you abundantly.


Anonymous said...

I'm clapping my hands for you,Glynis. You are a winner.
blessings, e

Addy Oberlin said...

Glynis, you are such a courageous woman. I see you even smiling under the umbrella at the end of your walk. The Lord is not finished with you yet. There is lots more to come.
God bless. Keep looking up. Addy