Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prizes & Surprises!

Amanda - 4years old in her new outfit!
I had a nice surprise this morning. The memories flooded back. Amanda, my darling daughter and her little ones walked upstairs to the balcony at church. I giggled out loud when I laid my eyes on Jocelyn. My little granddaughter  was wearing the same burgundy crushed velvet dress that I made for her Mommy 27 years ago! She looked so cute. Just the way I remembered her mommy when she was wearing it! I didn't even know Amanda still had that outfit!
Boy, oh sure made my day. Amanda has an uncanny way of doing that - knowing how to make my day.
Jocelyn - almost 2 1/2 years old in the same
 (27 year old outfit!)
So I am not one bit sorry that I nominated her a few weeks ago for a glamorous makeover at Guys and Dolls Salon in Elmira - and guess what? She won! Here is the little blurb I wrote on her behalf:

     The name, Amanda, means worthy of love. Amanda, my daughter has more than exceeded her worth. In 2008 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was a time of upheaval for our family, however Amanda rallied behind me and never let me say 'die.' She found ways to cheer me up, and took me hat shopping when I lost my locks. She brought my beautiful grandbabies to visit because she knew they brought joy to my heart. In fact, Amanda gave birth to her second child two days before my scheduled surgery. I desperately wanted to see my grandbaby and I had been praying that she would go into labour before I went into surgery. Our prayers were answered and I got to attend the birth of little Jocelyn.
     Amanda gives unconditionally and she attended to my needs without expectation. Ever since my tango with cancer in 2008, Amanda's passion to 'do something to help,' has encouraged and inspired me. She found out about the Ovarian Cancer Canada's Winner's Walk of Hope and she signed us up as The Sunflower Seeds team right away. It's been three years now and still we continue to walk and do our part to fundraise and help turn up the volume on this silent killer.
     Amanda was the 'brains' behind Zeal for Teal - a scrapbooking/cardmaking 'Ladies' day out' fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Canada. We are now preparing for our third annual event in Drayton in April and anticipate 100 participants. All because of Amanda's drive and initiative, I was able to 'fight the good fight.' She gave me a sense of purpose and we are now able to 'give back' and help other women who may be facing cancer.
     When I saw the sign on your Guys and Dolls' window, I thought what fun it would be to nominate myself. Then I instantly chastised myself and realized that Amanda is the worthy one. She has given unselfishly and supported me with love and hope and joy in her heart. She rarely gets time for herself. (I think the last time she was pampered in a salon, was the day before her wedding!) Amanda would be a perfect person to receive this Makeover Contest. She has blessed me more than she will ever know!

Imagine my surprise when I received the telephone call the other evening telling me Amanda had won. Imagine my shock when the sweet gal at the spa told me that my story made them all cry and they decided that not only would Amanda win a makeover - they were going to bend the rules and make it a  mother/daughter treat. Who'd have thought? So now Amanda and I have to decide on a date...maybe we should get matching outfits! Grin.


Amanda said...

I LOVE seeing those two pics together! What a crazy look on Jocelyn's face though!
I'm calling tomorrow about our appointment! Thanks again for the nomination and beautiful words! Love you Mom! :D xoxo A

Amanda said...

BTW, the matching outfit thing might not did that when I was 4...I think that phase is over! :D

Glynis said...

I could whip us up a couple of pretty floral frocks and put some lace on the bottom in case they are too short.

violet said...

This couldn't happen to two more deserving ladies -- although I don't know why you need to be made over. You seem just fine the way you are!