Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Timmie's Angel

 Each Tuesday, Jocelyn and I get some granny time. Mommy is busy cleaning at Big Poppa's house so I get to whisk my darling little granddaughter away for a few hours. One of our Tuesday morning rituals is to high tail it over to Arthur to pick up the special 'British paper' for Big Poppa. Then we head on over to Tim Horton's to buy our usual 'treat.' 

We arrived at Timmies - busy as usual. Jocelyn and I were chatting away - likely discussing the perils of Larry the Cucumber or the antics of Dora. Before I knew it, we were in line in the drive-through to get our goodies. It's a little lazy on my part, but not having to figure out the combination on the baby seat and then not having to wrestle with 2 year old legs, arms, snowsuit and boots, is my justification for staying in the vehicle to retrieve my purchases every Tuesday.

I got to the intercom and the lovely lady on the other end spoke.
"Welcome to Tim Horton's. May I take your order?"
"One steeped tea [for mommy] - just milk, double cupped; a pomegranate white tea, nothing in it except the teabag, [for me;] a Dutchie doughnut [for Big Poppa] and two Dutchie Timbits [for Miss Jocelyn] please.

"That will be $5.48. Please drive up to the next window."

     I reached for my wallet and stuck my hand in looking for a crisp bill of some description. Panic set in. Nothing. I grabbed my change purse in hopes that I could muster up $5.48. A sick feeling stimulated the adrenalin and the nausea. $3.20 in change. What could I do? My calculator brain was on hold. All I knew was that I did not have $5.48 to pay for my wares. And there was no backing out. There were now three or more cars in the drive-through line up behind me. I got to the window and sheepishly spoke.

     "Would you mind just cancelling the one tea...or the Dutchie...or...I was becoming unglued and I had forgotten how much the tea was...or the Dutchie..." The lovely angel with the headset smiled at me and looked like she felt my angst. I watched the person behind me in my rearview mirror and wondered if he or she was wondering what the hold up was. I found another 85 cents in the bottom of my purse and in the glove compartment. Still not enough. $1.43 short.

The nice Tim Horton's gal started handing me my order. One steeped pomegranate Dutcie...two Timbits. I was speechless. She winked. I gulped.
"Thank you. Have a nice day." I drove away...

I thanked her again. She winked again. I drove away with my full order and a skip in my heart. I determined to pass it on somehow.  That nice, Tim Hortons' angel made my day.

And if that wasn't enough. I finished my tea; I rolled up the rim...'You win a free coffee!' Life is good...

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