Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Happy Feet!

When I was in the middle of my chemotherapy last year, I spotted a link on one of my dear OC sister's blogs.

I was fascinated and more than a little curious. The link was for Ovations for the Cure.

I clicked on the link and was suddenly introduced to a support group for ovarian cancer fighters.

Apparently this group, since 2006, have been committed to a wonderfully encouraging program called "Happy Feet."

These quiet Ovation angels have touched the lives of many women who are undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. "Happy Feet" is a program that provides patients with a pair of specially-designed Stuart Weitzman stylish jelly shoes jeweled with Swarovski crystals. These shoes are free to survivors as a way of helping them over the hurdles and through the valley of cancer.

I received my much appreciated package in the mail this week and was moved to tears. Here is my thankyou letter:

Dear Susan and Team:

I am in tears as I sit here writing you this inadequate 'thank you.' I just returned from my mail box clutching my precious package. Thank you a thousand times for what you have done for me this day. I have completed my chemotherapy, my follow-up visits are looking positive, and my hair is making a happy comeback - but the deep recesses of my soul still pinch me and remind me that remission doesn't mean I am cured. There are some who do not (cannot) understand this feeling but I do carry cancer around in my pocket and I think I will forever! Somedays it is stuck like gum to the lining. Don't get me wrong, I think positively and most days I relish each breath I take. But there are some days I wonder 'when' my cancer will rear its ugly head again.

This special package from you was like opening a treasure trove of encouragement. The shoes are exquisite. The bracelet, the shoes, the bumper sticker, the pin...I love them! I feel so blessed and touched by what you have handed to me, friends. God has taught me plenty of lessons over the last year, and the big one is how truly caring some people are. I count Ovations as an incredible blessing. I have been asked to be a speaker for the Listen to the Whispers program through Ovarian Cancer Canada so guess what I am going to wear to each of my presentations? Again, a thousand thankyous and please know that you lifted my spirits this day and beyond. You 'doeth good like medicine!' We journey Glynis - a survivor! :)

Now I am tearing up again! How blessed am I?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Try a Little Tenderness.

Although this is not the same version, this is (was) my sweet momma's favourite song - try a little tenderness. When I saw the accompanying video, I am afraid I lost a few salty ones.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time Out

Trenton, my little sweetheart grandson, has been my encouragement and a source of joy for a long time. In this photo taken almost a year ago, he has just warmed my heart by uttering those precious words, "Gramma, your hair is coming home!" I will never forget those precious and honest words, that day, that moment, that emotion that welled up in my heart and soul and warmed me like a good medicine.

I adore all my grandchildren and am so very thrilled to the core that God granted me more days so that I could rejoice and be refreshed by my family.

This morning I chuckled so hard. I was keeping an eye on Trenton. I had told him not to play hockey in the livingroom with the golf ball. His three year old brain held off the hockey for a while like a good lad, but somehow, he forgot and the next thing I knew, I heard a ping and a crash as the makeshift hockey puck golf ball richoted off the table. I immediately stepped in with a stern voice and the solution.

(Photo: Too cute for a time out!)

I pointed. "Sit on that stool," I told three year old Trenton in my best stern Grandma voice. He looked at the little brown stool by the door where he sometimes sits to put his shoes on. He knew he had done wrong and so parked himself in the marked spot.

A moment passed and the sweet little monkey looked at me with his little turned up nose and said - " I in a time out, or what?" I stifled my giggle and answered in the affirmative.

"I'm usually on the stairs for a time out, you know," he continued. I left the room and proceeded to wipe the grin off my face.

There is just something absolutely charming and precious about children. I am still hoping that when I get to heaven God picks me to work in the nursery.
For now, though, I will be happy snuggling and giggling with my grandbabies. Life is good.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fighting the Good Fight

We did it. We made the 5km route without incident, with only a little pain in my broken toe and with a whole lot of sunshine on our path. God is good. The forecast was for some nasty rain but as was the focus of our prayer, the sun smiled on us.

Our trek to Barrie was worthwhile as Amanda and I, along with Jocelyn and Trenton completed our journey in the Winners Walk of Hope once again this year.
As expected, it was an emotional day and to be suddenly surrounded by so many people who wanted to make a difference, well, that was one giant memory forever etched on my hard drive! And as added icing on the cake, yours truly was flabbergasted to discover I was the winner once again for the individual raising the most funds. After I got over the shock, I was invited to waltz on over to the prize table and claim my prize. Assorted temptations beckoned but I soon settled for the $100 gift certificate from Winners or Homesense (which happens to be my favourite store.) When it comes time for my shopping trip I plan to take my happy hubby along since he was the one who asked many people to donate to the cause! I am sure I wouldn't have reached my goal if it wasn't for him prowling around after church some Sundays with clipboard in hand!

I am so grateful to Amanda, my sweet daughter, who was the one who passionately approached the gals in Barrie and asked if we could be a part of this great group last year when I was going through my chemotherapy. Belonging to such an enthusiastic group is contagious and encouraging and there is just something about this special day that urges me to fight on and pursue the goal of bringing ovarian cancer to the forefront and making women more aware of this potentially silent killer.

Kudos to organizers Kim Rowntree, Laura Zawadiuk, Hayley Marchildon and Kristine Andreadis and to all the other volunteers who made this day a smashing success. Local media personality, Kool FM's Deb James did a wonderful job of keeping everyone informed and excited about the day. These gals (and their behind the scenes hubbies) sure helped make a wonderful noise and the volume was surely turned up last weekend on ovarian cancer awareness.

Amanda and I were thinking about finding a closer location next year, but I am thinking now that there is just something special about being around the familiar. Not to mention the weekend away, the hot tub and the pool - nice added bonuses! Walk on ladies.

Thank you God for creating these special rays of sunshine on a sometimes cloudy life. It makes the journey easier! I press on for my sisters.