Friday, September 11, 2009

Hop Along!

Ouch! My toe hurts. And they say there is naught that any medical soul can do to make it better!

Last evening I banged my toe rather ungracefully and the result is one sore and broken digit. I am hopping along and still managing to get from point A to point B, though, so that is a good thing. There seems to never be a dull moment around this house!

I wish God could grant me about six more hours in a day, and then I might get some things completed. Sigh. The beat goes on.

I am in a little bit of a frenzy as I try to wrap up my fundraising for my Winners Walk of Hope. And of course I break my toe before my 5km walk! I am bound and determined that I will walk the whole route - broken toe or not, though! Amanda said she would pull me in the wagon along with Jocelyn if needs be! She's a good girl. :) We journey on...

"Nobody can take my joy away from me unless I let them."

1 comment:

Kia Taylor said...

Take it easy on yourself, you'll be full swing in no time!! Good luck with the walk!