Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dancing like No One is Taking Pictures

I have in my hot little hand right now a report thusly entitled - "Department of Nuclear Medicine." Gilles and I are breathing a double sigh of relief as we read the line at the bottom of the page - "There is no evidence to suggest bone metastases." Joy!

The report does, however, indicate degenerative changes and arthritis, likely connected to the chemo, from what I can read. That would account for the pain I feel in my shoulder and feet. I'll talk that over with my oncologist next Thursday at the cancer clinic. Meanwhile I'll do my happy dance - a little laboured and not very attractive - but it is a happy one! Thanks for all your prayers. They keep my head above water! xxx
"A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones..." Proverbs 15:31
(Now there's a great scripture for a 'good news' bone scan report!) x


Anonymous said...

Hooray. Is it ok if I sing AND dance? What wonderful news. I expect the Lord of the Dance is partnering you in your "happy jig" Hooray!

Anja said...

Thanks for giving us this update and great application of scripture!

Lori said...

YAHOO! What great great news! I will join you in this happy dance!