Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sick of Me

     Mrs. B Has Cancer - my children's fiction chapter book - is out. Woohoo! I'm rocking pleased about that and am so thrilled with the response. I got the books from my printer a little while back and sold 50 of them in a matter of two, maybe three days. Facebook can be a beautiful thing! I have some of the nicest friends. I've also been invited to speak about my book, my life as a cancer survivor and a writer. People are actually interested in what I have to say - who knew?

 Pretty soon the official release for my book will take place and then hopefully the sales graph will continue to head in the right direction. I am happy for that and I am thrilled that there are children and others who are buying and actually reading my book. That rates high on my 'like meter.'

     But one thing I cannot 100% get my head around yet is the
emotional part of marketing. I actually don't mind the process of marketing really and finding ways to get the word out about my new book. I have lots of great ideas - some maybe a little far-fetched. But for some strange reason every time I go into an establishment to promote my book, send a note to a newspaper for a press release, or drop in at local schools, I always do so with a measure of guilt. Perhaps guilt isn't the best way to describe it, but I will say I really don't like not being humble about what I do - marketing is so not about being humble.

   Even now when I start talking about me being humble I feel like I am not being very humble when I do that. I guess I wonder if people get sick of me and hearing about my accomplishments, my writing, my books. But every conference I attend, every book I read on promotion, every experienced writer I speak to will say the same - 'you've got to get yourself out there' if you want to sell your books and get branded.

     I keep wondering what God wants me to do. I keep reminding myself to be patient because all good things come to those who wait. I keep thinking that if God wanted me to sell books or get speaking/writing gigs then He would make the divine appointments and arrangements...wouldn't He?

     I guess marketing for me is a bit of a love/hate relationship. I've been plugging my latest book for a while now and so far I am yet to be rejected. No one yet has looked me square in the eye and said, "No' I am not in the least bit interested in reading your story!" Maybe I fear rejection the most.
     Being a writer can be a bit of a lonely profession but luckily I am cut out for that and really do enjoy long hours slogging it out with words and heart stuff that causes me to bleed onto paper. Over this next while I hope to take my writing career to a new level [talk less and do more] but the scary part of that is that it involves more than writing.

     Maybe if my book sales are through the roof then I can hire myself a full time publicity/marketing manager and then I can get back to doing what I do/like best. One can dream.

     P.S. Here are the details of the up and coming book release: (disclaimer: if you really are getting sick of me and my shameless promotions - press DELETE!)

                                                         Join Author -

                                             Glynis M. Belec
at the
Studio FactoR
for a 

24 Wood Street, Drayton
Pick up your signed copy of 

Mrs. B Has Cancer 


Fish pond, Guessing Games, Dart Game, Photo Booth and more. Prizes,

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*$1.00 from the sale of each book goes to Ovarian Cancer Canada


Amanda said...

Um, you have a marketing manager! You can hire me full time! ;)

We'll be there on the 19th too! :D xx <3

Laura J. Davis said...

I hear ya! Promotion, marketing is the one thing I hate the most about writing. You say you feel guilty when you go into a school, etc. to promote your book, I say as long as you're feeling that Glynis, then you are still humble! It's when writers get arrogant and in your face that you know they aren't humble. So rest assured, you are not pushy or anything else. You are just doing a necessary part of your job!

Mary Haskett said...

Yes, I agree totally with Laura. I still feel nervous every time I go to a speaking engagement with books tuck under my arm so to speak. But I'v'e heard it over & over again you have to market yourself.

Bonnie Way said...

Well, I haven't had to do promotion for myself yet, but I do help promote other authors' books (a LOT) and I've never gotten tired of them asking me for helping in promoting books. There are a couple authors I see on Twitter who only tweet about their books, which does get old, but I think as long as you are being new and genuine, then it's fine. :) Marketing in this day and age is up to the author so you have to work hard at it - and it is hard work! :)