Sunday, January 22, 2012

Close Your Eyes

I have the sweetest little grand daughter ever. She melts my heart and gets away with things she really shouldn't...but that angelic little smile; the minxy little grin; that tender little voice...I just cannot resist. Miss J tends to be a little bossy, so her loving, patient momma does try to keep her in check just so she doesn't take over every situation. But she also balances that by letting her have her way plenty of times so she can hone her leadership tendencies! (She's a good momma' my girl!) 
Lunchtime yesterday was a case in point.
"I want to pray," announced three year old Miss J as we settled in to munch on our soup and sandwiches. There were no ifs, ands or buts...she was going to deliver the lunchtime sermon and we had better just bow and listen.
"Oh the Lord is Good to Me, is what I'm gonna' do," Miss J said. She reached out her soft little hands. My hungry grandson, their momma and I joined together, bowed our heads and closed our eyes [well, at least Mr. T and I did.] So Jocelyn started off in her adorable & pleasant voice:

"Oh the Lord is good to me
And so I thank Him for,
For giving me..."
All of a sudden without skipping a beat Jocelyn said

"...Mom, close your eyes!
...the things I need; the sun and the rain
And the appleseed, the Lord is good to me!"

I could barely keep from guffawing through the Amen.
Talk about a chip of the old block. I know many times Mommy, in her wonderful way of teaching her young ones, has told the children to close their eyes when they pray. Obviously the lesson sank in. Miss J, because she was in charge of covering the meal in prayer, also thought it her role to keep one eye open for the blighters who might not be fully focussing. Momma Bear was found out!

So when Miss J gave us the nod to release our prayerful pose, both Momma and Grandma headed straight to the walk-in pantry for a moment to compose ourselves. Oh my, I cannot wait until this little lass gets married. Grandma has her hand up to be the MC!


Janet said...

Thank-you for the smiles. Such a wonderful stage. Yes she is adorable.Oh, kids say the darndest things...I remember thanking God in that stage for all the hearty laughter he sent through the innocent mouths of babes.

Amanda said...

MC job is yours! At least a turn at the microphone is in order! I think your speech is writing itself!

She does make me laugh...even when I shouldn't!

And thanks for the kudos! I had a good teacher! ;0)