Friday, May 20, 2011


A while ago I made the decision to 'treasure the moments.' I decided I would trust God and although it is a wise move to think ahead and to plan one's life up to a certain point, I want to live day to day with Jesus at the helm. Miss J was born almost three years ago. I recall telling her, when she was a wee bairn in arms, that one day we would have tea together. Today it happened

Miss J was to spend a few hours with Grandma. As usual I had a list as long as my proverbial arm. As I thought about deadlines and duty, I felt a little God prod reminding me about the way I have been signing my 'Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider' books lately.

Over the past month or so, I've had the privilege of joining other authors [and then one day alone] at different events to help promote, sell and sign this great Canadian authored anthology. Most of the time when I flip the page to my bio and story, I scribble my name along with the words - Treasure the Moments.
Today, I felt God ask me - "What does that really mean?" 'Twas shortly after that that Miss J asked me to read her a story. Four books later I asked my darling granddaughter if she wanted lunch. "Pancakes," came her request. "Do you want to help me make them?" The giggles and anticipatory glee that filled her face was confirmation that this was to be time well spent.
We stirred, mixed, measured and tasted. . No way were we to sit at the kitchen counter or at the big table. This was going to be a picnic teaparty and Miss J was orchestrating it. She found a perfect little wooden tv tray in Grandma's pantry along with the tartan tin that held the little brown china teaset. The table was being prepared. Miss J knew where the cloths were, too. She picked out a few grubby ones but I didn't deny her. She liked the colours but instead of putting them on the table as a cover, she placed the two cloths on our stools. We were to sit on them. I would oblige. As I stood on guard beside the hot grill, Miss J set our table. Eventually we sat down and giggled through our pancakes and maple syrup and our tea-milk was deliciously delightful in the mini cups. There were a few uh-ohs as Miss J miscalculated how much to actually pour. But it was such a blessed and almost a holy time, if I can dare say that.
What a privilege it is to be a grandma. What a treasure it was today to feast on chopped up pancakes on our little plates. What a blessing it was to sing and to rock little Miss J to sleep after lunch and to tell her how much Jesus loves her. Next time I sign a copy of Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider and write in my little trademark notation - Treasure the Moment, I will remember this day. And I will treasure it. Thank you God for the poke...

For where your treasure is, your heart will be also...Matthew 6:21

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gold - Peace of Mind.

Yes, it's been a while. I have been putting off talking about it. I didn't want to consider the 'what-ifs.' But now I feel better. The tests are done. The results are in.
After my six month routine visit to the cancer clinic in April, there was some indication for concern. My oncologist was less than encouraging when it came to doing tests to confirm or deny. "If the cancer is back then it means the chemo did not work and then you would be considered terminal," he kept telling me. I had trouble making him understand that I am the kind of person who needs to know. And if the cancer was back then I would deal with it. He tried to convince me that they would not do anything until I had more severe symptoms. (I still can't get my head around that.) But after a lengthy discussion and a few tears, my oncologist finally decided he would order a colonoscopy and a CT scan.

First came the colonoscopy in Palmerston. Dr. Omole was a gem and really did show compassion and understood my concerns. He promised to do a thorough check-up. And he did. I was put on the top of the list for the test and within one week I was back at the cancer clinic clutching my 'clean' report. Relief #1.

I headed up to Walkerton the following week for the CT scan and as I lay on the examination table - the dye coursing through my body - I relived my first scan that took place on that very table three years ago. The memories surfaced as I recalled how my life changed forever.  I discovered the hand of God; the unconditional love of family and friends and how much I am not in control of a single thing.

But here I am. Back on stage and the news is good. The CT scan shows no indication that the cancer has resurfaced. Relief #2.

I have an appointment next Wednesday at the cancer clinic. My doc wants to see me. I am sure all is well. Maybe he wants to say he told me so. Methinks I will thank him for giving me peace of mind. It is as gold...

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Rockin' Good Time!

The Sunflower Seeds Team Trying to be Serious!
 To say that Zeal for Teal was less than a blast, would be doing the day a disservice. Close to ninety participants gathered at the Drayton Arena this past Saturday to scrapbook and make cards for the cause. Zeal for Teal is an amazing day out for busy gals. Our theme this year was 'The 50s' and it surely was a hoot. We enjoyed door prizes every half hour; hula hoop challenges; bubblegum blowing contests; delicious food and snacks; a sweeeeeeeet candy bar; superb vendors and more! The gals who took time out of their busy schedules were the top of the pops! What great attitudes and the laughter that we shared that day should be bottled and sold - we'd be rich! And to think everyone did it to help raise awareness and funds for our Sunflower Seeds team Walk of Hope for Ovarian Cancer Canada is humbling. Thank you to all who joined in the fun. We can't wait to see you all again next year!

Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider release announced at Zeal for Teal 2011!
I was thrilled to have sold 9 signed copies of this book on Saturday. With the sale of every book I donate $5 to Ovarian Cancer Canada and $5 to The Word Guild. The Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider contains a portion of my cancer story - page 92. If you want me to send you a signed copy of this delicioously inspiring anthology written by 37 Canadian writers, let me know! $19.99 plus shipping or you can pick it up or I will deliver it if you are close by! On May 7th I am doing a signing at the Studio Factor in Drayton (2-4pm). Then on May 14th I am doing a signing with 5 other authors at the Chapters Bookstore - King Street in Waterloo (1-3pm)!

Claudia Connor (centre) the National Coordinator for the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope joined us at Zeal for Teal and was even able to find herself a Pink Lady jacket. What a thrill to have Claudia with us this day. She blessed us all by telling us a little of her story - she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 33 years old. She is the perfect person to plan and coordinate these walks across Canada. We cannot wait to get involved in preparing for the Kitchener Walk of Hope to be held on September 11th, 2011.

Meet our most amazing diner cooks - Yvonne Timmerman (left) and Ann Kabbes (2nd from right). We had nothing but compliments about the meatloaf, homefries, and mushroom beans! Thanks ladies. You are the top of the pops!

My special angel. Amanda is the brains behind the day. Zeal for Teal began with a dream and a purpose three years ago. I am honoured to be blessed with such a gal and she has been there for me every step of the way. We make pretty good teammates! Thanks Amanda - you really do rock!

Visitors were welcome at Zeal for Teal. Hope you enjoyed your lunch Trenton!