Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gold - Peace of Mind.

Yes, it's been a while. I have been putting off talking about it. I didn't want to consider the 'what-ifs.' But now I feel better. The tests are done. The results are in.
After my six month routine visit to the cancer clinic in April, there was some indication for concern. My oncologist was less than encouraging when it came to doing tests to confirm or deny. "If the cancer is back then it means the chemo did not work and then you would be considered terminal," he kept telling me. I had trouble making him understand that I am the kind of person who needs to know. And if the cancer was back then I would deal with it. He tried to convince me that they would not do anything until I had more severe symptoms. (I still can't get my head around that.) But after a lengthy discussion and a few tears, my oncologist finally decided he would order a colonoscopy and a CT scan.

First came the colonoscopy in Palmerston. Dr. Omole was a gem and really did show compassion and understood my concerns. He promised to do a thorough check-up. And he did. I was put on the top of the list for the test and within one week I was back at the cancer clinic clutching my 'clean' report. Relief #1.

I headed up to Walkerton the following week for the CT scan and as I lay on the examination table - the dye coursing through my body - I relived my first scan that took place on that very table three years ago. The memories surfaced as I recalled how my life changed forever.  I discovered the hand of God; the unconditional love of family and friends and how much I am not in control of a single thing.

But here I am. Back on stage and the news is good. The CT scan shows no indication that the cancer has resurfaced. Relief #2.

I have an appointment next Wednesday at the cancer clinic. My doc wants to see me. I am sure all is well. Maybe he wants to say he told me so. Methinks I will thank him for giving me peace of mind. It is as gold...

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Karen said...

So happy to hear that the tests results have come clean! Peace of mind really is worth more than gold itself, isn't it?

Hoping that future test results are negative, too!