Thursday, April 14, 2011

When I Am Afraid I Will Trust In You...

April 30th is getting mighty close. Zeal for Teal, our Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope fundraiser is just around the corner and we are pumped and ready to rock and roll!

Amanda, my darling daughter and the brains behind the day, told me the other day that she was getting a tad nervous seeing that we have double the number of participants from last year registered and people are still calling! How exciting. This year we also have Claudia Connor - the National Coordinator for the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope - visiting with us to bring greetings and encourage everyone as they participate in a great day of scrapbooking and card making for a purpose!

For anyone who is planning on  coming to the fundraiser at the Drayton Arena, expect an upbeat day with lots of reasons to celebrate.  We are also inviting those who may only want to come for a quick visit or for a wonderful diner dinner (lunch) to drop in and make a suggested donation to the Sunflower Seeds Team for the Walk of Hope.

I am looking forward to a great positive time with some great positive people! This month has been a little emotional for me for a few reasons...I have been having a few issues of late and this week I had to endure a not so pleasant test - however I am happy to report that the news is good for round one! No signs of spreading to the innards! Round two happens next Thursday - April 21st when I return to the cancer clinic. My plan is to make this a smooth knockout. We will see how it goes!

Meanwhile we will keep looking heavenward and trusting the Great Physician who, I have learned over the last few years, has everything...and I mean everything...under control!

When I am afraid I will trust in You...Such are the beautiful lessons we can learn from children...

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