Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life is Like That

Life has been ripping and tearing along at breakneck speed these days. Some nights I can't sleep. Some days I nod off when I am not supposed to. Other days I can't seem to get all my tasks done and thus I add another page to my to-do list.
Who's complaining, though? At least my energy level is improving and cancer does not always consume my thoughts. I've far too many other things on my mind now to concern myself with the 'what ifs!'

So it looks like we are going to (finally, finally, finally) build a house. God is so good and I know His timing is terrific. Rarely does it match ours, but over the past while we have learned that the best thing is to just wait upon the Lord. He never fails us.

All we need to do now is buy a lot and then my talented hubby can start the ball rolling because the clock sure is ticking. And if those aren't enough clich├ęs to make your liver quiver, then just be warned that first and foremost, we are bound and determined to get this house ready by the end of August.
Of course there is always the camping option. Maybe I should be praying for a warm, dry summer!

1 comment:

vjc said...

End of August? Wow! Get ready to hold on tight - I think the pace is about to pick up around your house :) God bless this new adventure of yours!!