Saturday, February 13, 2010


So they tell me I'm a little dense and I've got more lumps than the average camel. But I'm absolutely overjoyed at the news.

I went for my repeat mammogram and ultrasound this past week. I was getting a little nervous at first, because they switched my appointments around and wanted me to come in a week earlier than originally planned.

I had convinced myself they did that for there was something horrifying on the report. It turned out, I had naught to fear for the appointment switching was to accomodate the doctor's whims and wishes not because of anything untoward. They managed to 'squeeze' me in (pardon the mammogram pun ladies) last minute and all was an adventure. I got there around 10:30am and I didn't leave until quarter to one. But they gave me a workout that covered all the bases.

Bottom line - I have cysts, lipomas (benign) and have dense tissue. I really didn't mind that the techy gal called me dense. I was privy to the little areas on the screen as she pointed out all my lumps and bumps. Sheesh. I am thinking that I am turning into a toad. I better get kissing my prince lest I start croaking!

Anyway, the heart is at peace. And the green light tells me to accelerate and get on with life. There is still no real indication about the whys and wherefores of my pre Christmas 'spell' but I feel just fine now. I guess if it 'ain't broke we won't fix it!'

God has a few more plans for me I know, so I am going to focus on those and get on with things. No sense in bemoaning one's misery. Life awaits. Okay, it's the weekend and I am off to start counting blessings. Joy! Hope! Go!


Sue <> said...

Am I allowed to say..
"He told you so " ?
Wonderful news..
We could start a "dense" club.
But am I eligible since I'm only half dense?

Laura Davis said...

So glad everything is alright. I had a scare of my own hanging over my head for the past two weeks. Isn't it wonderful when the report comes back good?

Janet Sketchley said...

Cheering, Glynis, and if I read Laura's comment correctly, cheering for her too!

Lori said...

Love your writing! Have a blessed weekend with all your blessings!

Debby said...

Oh MY GOD! Thank you for what you are doing in Glynis' life!

Dolores Ayotte said...

I sure can identify with your mammogram experience. I'm kind of "dense" too. Good luck tonight at your presentation. My name didn't show up on my other comment on OMG. I loved it! Dolores