Monday, January 31, 2011

Turning Up the Volume with Zeal for Teal

Get ready for a blast from the past! Zeal for Teal 2011 - our third annual Ovarian Cancer Canada fundraiser is coming to town April 30th, 2011 and our theme is "The 50's"
We are looking forward to a great crowd and I know we will have a 'rockin' good time!'

The Drayton Arena will be alive with scrapbookers and cardmakers as we gather together to help raise awareness about ovarian cancer and to do our part to help raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Canada.

I am a speaker for Ovarian Cancer Canada and when I get talking to women of all ages, I am always amazed to discover how little is known about this disease that is often dubbed the silent killer (I was one of those women who knew little!) I am still considered to be in remission and am being a good girl attending the cancer clinic appointments and following protocol. I make my next appearance at the London Cancer Clinic in March.

I am thankful for every sunrise and every breath these days and am immeasurably thankful for those who have supported me in a million ways over the past two and a half years since my diagnosis.

 Zeal for Teal is the highlight of my year and Amanda - the original founder and incredibly talented and organized big cheese - and I, along with our trusty team (Rosemary, Darlene and Amber) are really excited this year about what is going to take place. We had an early bird registration and 50 people took advantage of it. We are head over heels happy with this initial response.

We do have to put a limit on registrations this year because of how we want to set up the hall. We need a spot for our soda shop, after all! So the first 100 people to register get to spend a fantastic day in their bobby socks and poodle skirts...okay whatever is comfy...scrapping away to their heart's content and being entertained with everything from endless door prizes to hula hoop & bubble gum blowing contests, a silent auction, a delicious diner dinner, snacks, games, goody bags and much more.
Again we are inviting anyone who wants to visit and browse our Vendor's Alley, to pop in anytime during the day. For $5 visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a muffin and fruit. They are welcome to join in on our silent auction and check out the Ovarian Cancer Canada [OCC] table, too. The whole $5 will go to OCC.

In Vendor's Alley, so far this year our companies include Stampin Up; Close To My Heart; First Choice Trophies and Scrapbooking; In A Scrap Creations and my book table.

Zeal for Teal 2011 actually coincides [wonderfully] with the release of Hot Apple Cider 2 - a book that contains a story about my cancer journey - along with some other incredibly stirring stories written by other Canadian authors. I will be selling copies of HAC2 and $5 from the sale of every book will go directly to Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC).

There is so much to do and the planning keeps us busy. But what a privilege to be able to be here and to partake of the excitement. I pray for my OC sisters. I pray that the volume can be turned up and that early detection will be the name of the game for more and more women. I am honoured to be part of Zeal for Teal 2011. Would you care to join us?

To check out the details of the day and to keep up with the latest news, check out the Sunflower Seeds blog at .

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleepy Town Express (Soon, please)

Maybe if I try singing myself to sleep... How about TV - What not to Wear reruns, maybe? Reading? Hot chocolate? Nothing seems to be working tonight. It's getting on for 1am and I am wide awake. I am convinced that chemotherapy did away with some sleep receptors in my noggin'. Pre-cancer, I used to require at least 8 hours sleep and nodding off on cue was an easy thing to do. It's been two years and a few months since the bittersweet poison coursed through my veins. One would think that by now the body would have returned to normal. But I am convinced that my body has a new state of normal. My new normal now consists of interrupted sleep (or total lack of...) periods of unexplained dementia, fatigue at the most inappropriate times, achy breaky body parts - fractured wrist included.
So what's a gal to do? I can't go into the bedroom again and disturb my dearly beloved, peacefully snoring/sleeping hubby again. I did that once when I crept in to get my pjs. The recliner chair doesn't look as inviting as our cozy bed, but at least I won't wake him. Why should both of us have a 'bad' night?
I've dug the pillow and covers out from the blanket box.

So bring on the sheep...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...5,648...5,649...5650...Sigh...Night, night...trying again...5,651...5652...5653...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Drama Queen Debut 2011

  So I took my first step into 2011 and lo and behold yours truly ended up on her derriere! It wasn't supposed to be like that. My new year was supposed to be a fresh start and one filled with getting things done.'  Instead of starting off in high speed, my 2011 debut has now begun with two speeds - dead slow and stop!

 I had chosen to go the so-called healthier route and had decided to walk to church this morning. Happy Hubby has some not so nice issues with sciatica so I did not make a fuss when he opted for the truck. I beamed a little thinking about one of my secret resolutions. Yep my plan was to walk a little more and eat a little less. Such are the best laid plans of cats and women, huh?

There I lay. My first concern was who was looking out their window as I did my triple lutz (klutz) and fell on my tush. Funny how the vanity thing hits me first.

My dearly beloved had spotted my dramatic performance in his rear view mirror, so I waited all fours in the air, until he reversed and ventured forth to rescue me.
In a nutshell, I told my rescuer that he should go to church
because I was fine. No sooner had he departed, albeit a little reluctantly, my wrist ballooned and the pain was a nine on the richter scale.
'Twas then I decided to head to the local emergency department for a makeover. I drove my trusty steed one-handed.
 Since it was Sunday, they had to call in the X-ray tech from church. She came. She saw. She took some less than flattering shots. If it is remotely possible for me to keep a long tale short, I needed an elbow to finger cast. Sigh. Hopefully this no indication of how the rest of 2011 will transpire.

I suppose I could moan and groan about the present state of affairs but, instead, I have decided to think positively and look on the bright side even though we got off to a bit of a crazy ride:

1. I am right handed. It's my left hand that bore the brunt of my less than graceful antics
2. It was my wrist and not my noggin' that I injured
3. No one seemed to see my gymnastic attempt at recovery
4. My neighbour who happened to be backing out of his garage didn't run over me
5. I couldn't make lunch or supper
6. I couldn't make the bed
7. I couldn't do the dishes
8. I realized how important appendages and digits are!